Manchester based duo AnD are known for their really hard and distorted techno. From live sets to EPs, these guys have attracted a lot of attention over the last few years and are considered pioneers in the resurgence of hard techno.

We caught up with them to have a chat about techno returning to the mainstream dance music media and more.

Q. Hi guys, thanks for taking time out to speak to us today. How was your 2016 and what was your highlight of the year?

A. Thanks for having us man, 2016 was an amazing year for us. We toured a lot and met a lot of really nice people along the way, it was great to see people in new countries excited about techno music. The real highlight in itself was realising how lucky we are to get to travel and play these parties every weekend.

Q. Your live set at Awakenings ADE closing party was considered the hardest of the night, did your approach the set with any game plan?

A. We always plan to do our own thing and thats about it, its about sounding like AnD and making people dance.

Q. I read that you guys have been going to clubs since the 1990s? Do you think techno has become more popular than ever in club culture at the moment?

A. Techno has definitely been more popular again over the last four years, we think people want to go out to rave again and release the pressure of day-to-day bullshit. So it has had an effect on the style of music being played in the clubs again. In the 90’s people were going out for the same reasons but there was also a sense of naivety to it as well.

Q. You make your return to Dublin this Friday for Techno & Cans at Hangar, last time you guys hit around 165bpm, can we expect the same?

A. Go Hard Or Go Home haha don’t worry, we will be planning an onslaught again.

Q. What’s your opinion on the Dublin crowd, do we go hard?

A. In Dublin people always party hard they are there for a good time and to enjoy themselves, it’s all about the craic and listening to good music.

Q. When in the studio, how do you guys approach tracks? Do you go into it with a certain mindset or just jam it out?

A. Generally we go with the flow and see what comes out at the time, we don’t like to plan anything we like the idea that if it’s good it comes out naturally. A lot of the time a jam becomes one track or three tracks, it’s always nice to have that spontaneous feel to modulation or arrangement. These touches give the machine and the music a human element.

Q. You are known for your no bullshit straight up hard techno. But who came up with the ‘Go Hard Or Go Home’ phrase?

A. It started as a joke really, we called an earlier ep ‘Ard Core Krew’ and in Manchester people pronounce hardcore as ardcore. Our friend Leon Von Partey a techno conssouir used to shout ‘go ard’ at gigs and eventually it turned into Go hard or go home and it stuck. It’s good not to take things too seriously!

Q. Let’s talk Berghain. Did the crowd take to your heavy going set, because it usually isn’t that hard in there?

A. Anytime we have played in Berghain people have been really responsive to what we play and we haven’t compromised our style there. People in Berghain maybe aren’t used to techno at that tempo but, techno is techno and to keep things moving forward its more interesting if people play different styles and tempos. As a DJ it allows you to incorporate different genres too because of the tempo you play at.

Q. Moving on from that, how was your experimental show at NTS on Saturday?

A. It was really good thanks we played a nice mix of techno, jungle, electronica, industrial and ambient music all at the wrong speed around 100bpm and we came out with an interesting result. Sometimes we like records as much on the wrong speed, so we thought it was an interesting concept to make a mix in this way.

Q. Lastly, do you have much plans for D.A.S.D.A this summer?

A. D.A.S.D.A is something that we do more as a special performance in the right spaces as have 5 of us performing live on stage. We have a show coming up in April in Lyon and we did a live show at Possession in Paris in January and some more stuff planned for later in the year too.

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