There’s no heirs and graces there. From my experiences, people just want to have a good time.”


With such a huge amount of talent and enthusiasm for what he does. Earl Jeffers originating from Cardiff is one of the unique soundings artists of our day and age, and with the return of him to Dublin, we had to catch up with this guy to find out a bit more about him.

Q: Hello Earl! Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. How has 2016 been for you?

A: It’s been pretty damn good. I became a father at the end of 2015 so had my hands full with that. But still somehow managed to cook up some new music and a bunch of shows. So much juggling was involved. It’s all for the cause though init. 

Q: I’ve heard of the antics in Galway playing in a kitchen on your last visit. You’re playing in Dublin on tonight for Room 19, Are you excited for your return to the Island?

A: My last memory of that party was when I was about to leave I remember seeing some guys legs hanging out the window with another guy behind basically pushing him through so he could get in. The main room (kitchen) was jumping though. Better than some clubs I’ve played in. So was the sound system.

Q: What is it about the Irish crowd that you love?

A: There’s no heirs and graces there. From my experiences, people just want to have a good time. I never see too many phones in the air either which is always a good thing. People need to knock that shit off!

Q: What would be the perfect club environment for you?

A: Small intimate room, large scale warehouse etc. I alway prefer when I’m more at an eye level with the room. Some of those stage shows, you can feel quite removed from the room, along with lights/smoke machines, you can’t really past the stage, which can make you feel a bit separated sometimes. However, i have had some great shows on a bigger scale. But there’s nothing like a small, low ceiling room, dark out with people just going mad.

Q: Both your aliases Earl Jeffers & Chesus have a very distinct sound. What’s the aim within the aliases?

A: The more I think about it, they’re not a million miles away from each other. But I will say the Earl stuff is definitely more me. It’s also more a tip of the hat to my record collection and what I can draw from it or what I’ve put caked up on my days digging. But other than that, I’ll leave it for people to decipher.

Q: What do you think the big sound of 2017 is going to be?

A: I tend to not pay too much attention to that stuff. But whatever seems honest seems to prevail so we will see.

Q: If you could be stuck in one year of music, what would it be?

A: Man I have no idea!! Let’s say early 70’s or early 90’s 2 great periods but sure there’s more.

Q: Any big plans for 2017?

A: Melange music incoming!!