One of the emerging talents within France, a city full of rich culture, music and food, Mad Rey aka Quentin Leroy, has been setting the standard high alongside a handful of other artists.


I’ve always had a keen interest in French culture and mainly the music that comes from the country. Daft Punk being one of the first electronic music artists I ever heard, it instantly had me interested. Quentin is pushing a sound out of France that no other country in the world seems to be doing. Jackin’ yet soulful music that can be instantly recognised as one of his own.


Q: Hello Rey! Thanks for taking the time out to talk to us. How was 2016 for you?

A:  Hello man! All good, 2016 was intense, heavy, even hard! A lot of things happened here in France… And for me, it was a lot of work, a lot of projects and lot of gigs.

Q: Tell us abit about your background.

A: I have been a beatmaker since I was 16/17. I produced beats for a lot of French rappers like Guizmo, Bon Gamin, South Sidaz even the Canadian rapper Gabe ‘Nandez at one point.


So I have always been into hip-hop stuff and “street activities”… I played the drums too, with different bands and that has definitely helped a lot in my career.

Q: Coming from France, a very rich country of good music, how is the house music scene sitting there right now? There are some incredible labels putting out some really good music e.g D.KO, Rutilance, MLIU.

A: In France it’s saturating, too many DJs, crews, labels, promoters. But it’s interesting because we (independent people) won something, I don’t know what exactly but I feel that we won something. Paris is getting more and more shocked by our music and it’s good for people who don’t know what is good hip hop, good house, good tech, or good soul vibes.


Sometimes I feel that I’m becoming a teacher (I don’t wanna appear pretentious or something). So yeah, big up to all the crews, in France and elsewhere.


“We the best”, haha.

Q: Where did your relationship with D.KO records begin?

A: I met Mezigue (from D.KO records) like four years ago at Jim Irie’s place (one of my best friends). Jim is a collector and DJ who works with me and with the crew Jaw Family.


And so we started being friends with Mezigue and Flabaire and Gabriel from D.KO. I had the “Quartier Sex” projects already finished and so they listened to it and the love affair began! A lot of parties, a lot of stories and a lot of good vibes.

Q: It seems all of the hip-hop/jazz-influenced artists are using the MPC these days in their house productions. What is it about the MPC that you love most?

A: The MPC is my instrument. I don’t use the MPC only, I work with vst, synths and drum machines. But in saying that, the MPC 2000 or 2000 XL is the best, ’cause I love the way you can sample and trim, though you have to be patient and really feel the “substance”. Another attribute that I love about it is that u can make the vibe in like 5 or 10 minutes and after that, you just DUB it during one hour. That’s all. No bullshit with MPC, it’s a hip-hop story.

Q: You’re visiting Ireland this weekend with the Pear crew! How are you feeling about show?

A: I’m so happy to come man! Ut’s the first time for me in Dublin. I’m a little bit scared about the plane but it’s ok. I haven’t fly for five years so that’s why I’m a little scared, but It will be all good vibes man. Big up Pear for the invitation.

Q: Any big goals/plans for this year?

A: This year I’m gonna travel a lot in the USA, in Korea and in Australia. I’ve a lot of plans for me and my friends. Also, I’m gonna release my next project which is a double EP (8 tracks) on D.KO Records. I worked hard on it so I’m really happy.


Also, I run a publishing house and label with my best friend. It’s called Red Lebanese and we published a lot of things in 2016, I invite you to check it out! We make photo zines, photobooks, and cassettes tapes since 2012. And this year we gonna work on big projects too.


All good, mad tunes.