With years of experience in Berlin’s electronic music scene through both DJ’ing and producing. A unique and reputable sound it’s easy to see why Bradley is so well respected in the scene. We caught up with Bradley just after ADE to talk about his roots and how he got into electronic music.

Q: Hey Milton, How are you? Did you have a heavy week at ADE?

A: I am fine, ADE was pretty much fun but not heavy at all. I came back from Asia the day before and just played on Wednesday with Slam, 2000 and One and Quail because I had to play in Bulgaria on the weekend.

Q: What does a typical day for Milton Bradley go like?

A: I get up, have breakfast, coffee or something, check mails, social media, listening to promos, looking for new records and, meet people or, if I’m in the mood for, make some music.

Q: Your recent release under The End Of All Existence was your first return to this alias since 2011, how come you decided to make the return?

A: Actually, all of the tracks have been produced by 2010 already. 12 tracks which should be released on three separate 12“, once every year for three years. But as the last years’ focus was more on other projects I lost eye on the third release. In the course of releasing the album and my live performance at Berlin Atonal festival in 2014 it was time to release the third part.

Q: Are you planning on releasing more tracks under The End Of All Existence?

A: Actually the idea was to create a world’s end soundtrack. Initially I was producing 12 tracks which would more fit into an album context. But by focusing DJ’ing I was more about releasing it as three separate 12“ in the end. I didn’t purpose to continue this project. It was meant as a temporary side project which actually was already completed back in 2010. However, it doesn’t mean that i am not up for producing more… we will see.

Q: I read that ‘Part III’ was heavily influenced by Berlin in the 80’s where you grew up, could you explain a little about how that era had an affect on your musical taste?

The 1980ies Berlin, the environment I grew up in, was shaped by run-down social houses with backyards. When I was a kid I was poking around in abandoned buildings, dark basements and forgotten attics. Somehow I liked this dark, dystopian atmosphere, it suited my mood pretty well by this time. As I’ve been always into sci-fi things, spooky, spacey electronic sounds, already as a kid, I would more consider it as an affect on my preference for ”darker touch” in the music

Q: Have you any new upcoming plans with Alien Rain or with ‘Do Not Resist The Beat!’?

A: Right now I’m reworking some of the unreleased Alien Rain material I made by the end of 2010 and I am going to release it as a series of 12” by next year. Same with Do Not Resist The Beat! I have a bunch of unreleased material as well as some new stuff. But no detailed plans for a next release yet.

Q: Besides DJing, producing or music in general, what other hobbies do you have?

A: Beside music I am mostly interested in science stuff like physics, mathematics, as well as classic games and computers, Japan, good coffee and so on.

Q: You’ve certainly seen each ends of the spectrum in dance music, is there any up and coming DJs you recommend to keep an eye on?

A: I can’t really mention one to be honest, there are so many new DJs and I rarely find the time to listen to DJ sets. When it comes to music, there is one track that instantly comes to my mind and which I’ve played a lot this year: Nastia Reigel – Figures In Brine.

Q: Lastly, what’s next for Milton Bradley?

A: As I mentioned before, a series of former unreleased Alien Rain stuff is scheduled for next year and of course hopefully some exciting DJ gigs.