Marcel Dettmann has said he’s stepping away from the club for a “reflective” mix. The Berghain resident’s DJ-Kicks is set to release on October 14.

According to !K7 Records, Marcel wanted to record this away from the club so that it’s suited more for home listening.

“When it came to the DJ-Kicks mix, I was sitting for weeks in my music room at home listening to records, sometimes together with the kids, editing, researching, playing games… it turned out as a good combination to be at home with the family whilst working on this music project.” says Marcel. “I was listening to a lot of music which is great, music that I hadn’t listened to for ages and certainly wouldn’t have played in a club set.”

The mix is said to have a lot of unreleased productions of remixes from Dettmann, whilst also featuring tracks from the likes of Dan Curtin, Sterac, Orlando Voorn and many more.