One of the standout DJs within the country of Ireland Bobofunk. Unmatched by anyone for his incredible skill on a pair of decks and ability to mix any genre you could imagine. House, techno, garage to booty bass. Bobo does it all.


Lucky for yous, he has come to us with a free download of his latest track ‘Return To Box (Raw Mix)’. Swinging drums, with a bouncy chord riff. A perfect track that would keep any dance floor moving. We asked the man himself a few questions on the track itself, check it out below.

Q: I’ve seen you play a couple of times now and I can hear similar elements in your drums that I would hear to your DJ sets. Fast and agile transitions… Does this track reflect your mixing in any way?


A: I guess it does a bit, but it’s more subconscious I think. I make all sorts of music depending on the time and place so I think I was in that clubby headspace when I made this.

Q: What were some of the external gear/vsts you used for this track?


A: I made this one while sick in bed! Just pure Reason, I started on v.3, then have been on 5 for forever and am just getting to grips with 9 now..!

Q: You have the Djing side of things down to a tee…Do you plan to release more in the year of 2017?


A:  Haha, I wouldn’t say I’ve it down to a tee but I think I’m comfortable in my style of playing now and really enjoy how I play my sets, always looking to push it a bit further though.. On the production side of things, I’ve been working on a lot of non-Bobofunk stuff for a while so it’s been over 2 years since I’ve finished any Bobo stuff and I felt it was well overdue to get back at it, you can expect a lot more in 2017 indeed!