Dennis Cruz no new-comer to the electronic music scene has been making huge waves & headroom for his career the past year. With some strong releases on labels like ‘Snatch Records, Deeperfect Records, New Violence Records & previously on Suara’.

Aside from his releases, he held a residency within VistaClub in Ibiza with the ‘Solid Grooves’ crew. It’s safe to say, it’s been a very good year for this man.

Moving onto his next release forthcoming on ‘Suara’. The lead in track ‘Everybody’ kicking off the EP is a four to the floor house monster. The drum pattern sets the pace straight away with swinging percussion hits & jumpy snares. The bassline accompanies the drums perfectly with a stand-out vocal from original ‘Ciara – 1,2 step’ that glues everything together.

Up next ‘Nature Boy’ is one of the more melodic pieces of the EP. With an interesting synth melody shining from the get go & a dark elusive pan-flute keeping the listener on their toes. Leading into the main break a mellow bassline is introduced guiding the track, when the main break hits all drum elements are taken out leaving just the bass & an abstract vocal creating a lot of intensity.

The third and final track of the stellar EP. ‘Body Flow’ rolls out the EP with some crispy elements. Elegant & sharp drums with a stern chord hit, hitting straight down the core of the track. Perfect for any part of a DJ set.

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