We’ve all seen everywhere on the internet in recent weeks that fabric is in a tough place, with the tragic deaths of two young men and the club closing indefinitely until Islington council meets to review its policy, it’s obvious fabric need our help.

With more terrible news, fabric may come to a close on September 6 when the council reviews their license. That’s why Jacob Husley has started this petition.

“I’ve been working with fabric for the last 8 years as a promoter and resident DJ of the Sunday night party at fabric WetYourSelf! Like all of you, I’ve been welcomed as part of the fabric family since I first walked through their doors, so this is an issue that’s very close to my heart.” says Jacob. “The reason why I’ve brought up this story is because it shows something about us, the clubbing community, about the culture behind it and how fabric operates – that no matter how old you are, rich or poor, colour or gender, you are welcome in the club and you will be looked after. It’s like a big family. This is the ethos that’s at the core of club culture and fabric’s operations.”

We can’t let another legendary club die, please sign the petition and save fabric.