Everyone loves the 90s and we don’t blame them. There was free parties everywhere, a whole new culture of music and even the jackets were cooler. During this time XL Recordings were pushing forward this new style of music with releases from the likes of The Prodigy, T99, SL 2 and many more.

Here we take a look at our 10 favourite tracks that were released on XL Recordings during the rave era.

Prodigy – One Love

‘One Love’ was originally released in 1993 as 12″ on XL also featuring ‘Rhythm of Life’, ‘Full Throttle’, ‘One Love (Jonny L Remix)’ before it was re-released on their 1994 album ‘Music For The Jilted Generation’.

T99 – Anathasia

‘Anathasia’ was released on XL Recodings in 1991 on a 12″ alongside a Dub Mix and ‘The Valetines Boys Rap Mix Chapter 1 & 2’.

Liquid – Sweet Harmony

Arguably one of the best piano riffs to every hit a rave track ‘Sweet Harmony’ had to make this list. Originally released in 1992 it was further re-relased another 3 times.

The Prodigy – Charly

We’re allowed as many Prodigy releases in this list as we want. Originally released in the UK in 1991 as a four track 12″, ‘Charly’ also featured ‘The Original Mix’, ‘Pandemonium’ and ‘Your Love’.

SL2 – DJ’s Take Control

This classic by SL2 was released in 1991 alongside ‘The Noise’, ‘Wash My Brain and The Noise (The Remix)’.

Flowmasters – Let It Take Control

This two track 7″ was released in 1990 on XL featuring ‘House The Crowd (Dub The Crowd)’ on the B side.

Jonny L – The Ansaphone

Released in 1993 this hardcore 12″ was accompanied by Jonny L’s other classic ‘Ooh I Like It’.

Tall Paul – Rok Da House

This classic was released on XL’s Fifth Chapter in 1995. Feast your ears if you haven’t already.

Praga Khan – Rave Alert

XL re-released this classic on their Second Chapter (European Hardcore European Dance Music) in 1991.

The House Crew – Keep The Fire Burning

The House Crew’s classic was re-released on XL’s Third Chapter (Break Beat House) in 1992

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