We’re here to introduce our new weekly series: 10 adorable pictures of dogs to help you when you’re delicate. We’ve all been in that boat, the weekend is over, you’re all partied out, you’ve had a few drinks and you’re feeling a tad fragile but all is not lost, we’re here for you. What more could you want than 10 cute little puppies to help your tender soul.

Slippery sausage dog

Slinky boy just wants some comfort but is having a hard time.

A year in difference

Doing an extremely long wait for master to come home.

Tongue part 1


Tongue part 2

Peaceful little puppo on the train to presumably the beach.

Tongue part 3

Big boy is clearly waiting patiently for his treats, he’s got his bib on and is definitely being bamboozled.

Tongue part 4

Bleps, bleps and more bleps. This young lady is wearing her new red bra, or harness as us humans like to call it.

Baby Puggo

One image can’t cure a hangov-


Very intelligent silky is doing a success. 10/10, would call for advice.

Big boofer

Doing a hecking relax after a long day of cutting the lawn.


We’ll finish off on this sleepy pupper. Please do not disturb unless you’ve got nuggets. Sleep well d o g g o s.


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