The story of Rush Hour Records is nothing short of a romance akin to the classic labels of old and one that sits in discussions alongside R&S, Rub-A-Dub, or Moving Shadow. Like all great stories in its beginning, Rush Hour relied on its reputation in an absence of resources. More importantly like all great romances, the collective stood as a complete antithesis to giant-sized and overly commercialised label management.

It is quite evident that there is no ‘end goal’, rather in its place a relentless drive to simply improve on what they’ve already achieved, even if all that means is distributing the next great 12″ in a discography that boast the likes of Carl Craig, KiNK, Tom Trago, and Kenny Larkin to name but a (very) few.

Played out to the backdrop of the Amsterdam’s party scene in the late 1990’s there was a time when even large-scale distribution wasn’t within the sights of Antal Heitlager. Rush Hour began life in Spuistraat, Amsterdam as an in its first two years  (’97 – ’99), operated as a record store introducing Amsterdam to rare imported LPs from all corners of the globe. It would, in turn, introduce the scenes of London, Glasgow, Paris, Berlin, and further afield to underground Dutch artists through its influential mail order and export service.

In 1999, and as distribution grew, Antal founded Rush Hour Records as a label and through releases from Abicah Soul, Aardvarck, Roy Cordu, and Deepart established itself both quickly and firmly as a cornerstone in Amsterdam and anywhere they were shipping to.

In 2017 Rush Hour’s influence is everywhere. Their current label roster features the likes of Hunee, Tom Trago, Gerd Janson, Eblee Bad, and Gene Hunt and the root that simple idea of introducing new music to new audiences seems to never have wavered from the core of what they do. Takeovers in Village Underground, Panorama Bar, NTS, Concrete provide a testament to how engrained they are with  club culture. Below are 20 releases that chart our love for Rush Hour Records and, with hope, go some length towards illuminating why they have made it to 20 years in the business.

If you haven’t already seen Antal’s performance at Dekmantal 2016 we strongly suggest you take a listen. It will give you a brief glance into the scope of music Rush Hour has in the past, and continues to promote today.


1. Shinichiro Yokota – Right Here! Right Now! (2016)


2. Shinichiro Yokota – Do It Again (2015)


3. Hunee – Crossroads (DJ Fett Burger’s Boss Brian Computer Mix) (2016)


4. Aardvarck – Cult Copy (2000 And One’s Chicago Dirt Mix) (2007)


5. Tom Trago – The Elite (2013)

6. Theo Parrish – When I’m Gone (2011)


7. TJ & DJ Raybone – Gone (2010)


8. Leon Vynehall – Midnight On Rainbow Road (via Musik for Autobahns 2) (2015)


9. Xosar – Rays of Babylon (2013)


10. Meikbar – Feelings (2009)


11. Carter Bros – Full Disco Jacket (2011)


12. Young Marco – Hoodoo (2011)



13. Vincent Floyd – Imaginary Voyage

14. Anthony Shakir – Detroit State of Mind  (2010)


15. Comtron – Follow the Money Pt. 3


16. Carlos Hernandez – Shyboy Shyboy 123 (2009)


17. Virgo Four – Let the Music Play (2011)


18. Mr. Fingers – Finger Fuck (circa 1987 // released 2011 via Chicago Dance Tracks curated by Gene Hunt)


19. Âme – Erkki (2015)


20. Boo Williams – Mortal Trance (2014)

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