5. Boiler Room Sub Club

His most recent Boiler Room but easily makes it into the top. This mix has you hooked from the get-go with an unknown edit of DJ Deeon and the crazy Sub Club crowd surrounding the DJ with energy.

4. Alter Ego UK FUNKY set

Jack shows why he is one of the greatest DJs of all time in this UK Funky set. His musical tastes span way further than what he normally plays, not to mention his label Numbers has been showcasing all types of genres. Known for having sets that span from genre to genre, this is a perfect example of his ability.

3. Boiler Room Ibiza w/ J.E.S.u.S

Not only can he play alone, but he can lead from the front in a massive B2B set, as he shows here in the J.E.S.u.S showcase from almost three years ago. If you also want to see some heated exchanges between Jack and Skream, watch till the end (haha).

2. Mixmag Lab

Labeled by many people in the comments of the YouTube video as his ‘most creative mix’, the Glaswegian even manages to play a track from Alicia Keys. 1980s pop, 1990s house and even some tracks from his Numbers imprint, this mix has it.

1. Boiler Room London w/ Armand Van Helden

One of the greatest Boiler Room sets of all time came in the form of legendary house figure Armand Van Helden B2B with Jackmaster. The set is jam-packed with house classics, a lot of them being tracks from AVH himself. When ‘You Don’t Know Me’ was dropped, it left us speechless.

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