Thanks to the glory of Social Media we can definitely confirm that absolutely everyone is trapped inside due to the marriage of storm Emma and the beast from the east.

We’re snowed in for the forseeable future, so we decided to try our hand at collecting the best mixes to listen to during one of the only blizzards we’re likely to see on the emerald isle.


5. RPM series 040 – Mézigue live from Better Living @ The Soundhouse

Mézigue is definitely a cult favourite in Dublin, so it was no surprise that when he returned to Dublin for the promoters that originally booked him there would be a huge turn out. The eccentric Frenchman fully delivered on the night with a massive house set full of banging house that went deep into his unique collection. Thankfully, the set was recorded by Dublin’s own RPM series and is just another huge name that the collective has added to their huge catalogue, which has included Anetha and Rodhad.

4. Marcellus Pittmann Boiler Room New Dehli

The Detroit DJ plays the New Dehli Boiler Room for their collaboration with Budweiser. The lineup included fellow Detroit native Omar S and made for an interesting mix of house and techno. Notice the water bottles under the turntables. The warmth of the room is definitely apparent, so it’s definitely one for the weather.

3. TAFKAMP Strobe FM podcast 118

Stranger’s not so secret alias stepped up for this mix about two years ago for one that showcases his even heavier taste. The intro is particularly cool, as is the entire TAFKAMP alias which he uses to release any spare tracks he has that doesn’t fit under his Stranger alias.

2. Beats in Space episode episode 926 with Ben UFO

Tim Sweeney’s New York City radio station is an electronic music haven and has some of the genre’s greatest on a regular basis. The most recent guests have included Lena Willekins, Detroit Swindle, Craig Richards & Seth Troxler and more, all showcasing their collection of alternate cuts. The master of such, Ben UFO comes on the show for a massive collection of down tempo techno and afro tracks. Light the fire, grab some vino and relax.

1. Barely Legal with Mall Grab on Rinse FM

One of the most overlooked and talented DJs in the UK, Barely Legal, is joined by Mall Grab on her Rinse show which has included acts like Four Tet most recently. Her style is impeccable, varying from Grime to Drum n’Bass with Dubstep and more pushing Mall Grab to play some tracks we wouldn’t expect from the Australian. He’s actually late for his set so we only get a mini mix from the Steel City Dance Discs owner, but Barely Legal’s mix is so good that you almost want her to finish the entire thing out.

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