With the announcement of Ricardo Villalobos for this year’s Life Festival, we thought it would be a great idea to express our massive appreciation for the artist.

We’ve garnered a new audience over the last couple of weeks, and feel that for those who don’t know Ricardo or any of his productions should learn a little bit more about his legacy as a DJ/Producer.

He is known for his lengthy productions, usually averaging around 15 minutes from start to finish that takes you on a musical journey.

His productions vary, combining elements of gritty minimal with classic Jazz instrumentals, to a more softer and funk-indulged side to his music.

Here are 5 of our favourite Ricardo Villalobos tunes.

‘808 The Bass Queen’

One of the grooviest deep and subtle minimal tracks around.

Audiences always react when Villalobos drops this track, especially pitched up on a turntable.

‘MDMA’ AKA ‘Richard Wolfsdorf – BOSCH’

Originally released as Villalobos’ alias ‘Richard Wolfsdorf’ titled ‘BOSCH’, yet has been uploaded on numerous pages as ‘MDMA’ associated with the Villalobos persona.

The Chilean born DJ/Producer combination of a tribal bongo drum and the gritty analog bass-line is the perfect track to get you ready for a night out.


A minimal anthem. Plain and simple.

‘Dexter’ expresses the darker side to a Villalobos production. A dull and gloomy atmosphere is created throughout this track.

The perfect production for a rainy day.

‘Everywhere You Go’ (Villalobos Celestial Voice Resurrection Mix)

“Strange day, strange day, why won’t you leave me alone”

Turning an emotionally-heavy track into a record that would be heard in clubs all around the world is a tough thing to do, but Villalobos did just that with his remix of Mari Kvien Brunvoll’s ‘Everywhere You Go’.

Elements of the original vocal are spread across the 14 and a half minute track with a cloudy kick-drum behind it.


One of our favourite tracks from Villalobos’ extensive library.The heavy-hitting, high speed production showcases a more raw side to his arsenal. This track was constantly played in sets from the likes of Luciano and Richie Hawtin back in the day.

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