With temperatures soaring all week AGAIN, and with the weekend due to bring even more sunshine once more, we’ve picked our five favourite places around (or close to) Dublin City Centre to drink cans (or whatever you’re into) this weekend, and get the most out of the sunny weather while we have it.

Sick of going to The Grand Canal and spending way too long looking for a spot, trying to dive through massive crowds and ending up with a really bad spot? So are we. Grab your bag of cans and head somewhere different for a change.


Have a laugh at the North side all you want, but the Royal Canal at Drumcondra is a much more serene place to drink some sly cans and listen to some sly tunes on a summery day. The Grand Canal often gets overcrowded and most of the time filthy from the masses of people that gather there as soon as the sun comes out – and you’ll just end up getting frustrated at the amount of times you’ll hear someone shout ‘KET’ unnecessarily loud trying to impress the apparently quirky crowd that sometimes reside there as soon as the sun creeps out. The Royal Canal offers very similar surroundings within the same distance of City Centre without the hassle of impossibly finding a spot thats already filthy.

Mountjoy Square

Mountjoy square is definitely one of the most underrated places in Dublin. The city centre park boasts basketball courts and the perfect amount of shade and light – and it’s also right beside the Royal Canal. There’s a nice mix of characters there – from children playing, to people similarly drinking sneaky cans, to people getting emotionally invested in a heated game of basketball – and all at one of the most beautiful and historic Georgian spots in Dublin.

Guinness Lake

The Guinness lake technically isn’t in Dublin, but the Wicklow mountains are unspoiled and entirely serene – nobody will even hear you playing music to complain except for the wild sheep and goats on the mountain, and it’s only an hour drive maximum from Dublin. If you want views and the best sunrise/sunset possible, this is definitely the place to go. Don’t be an idiot and drink and drive though, stay safe.

Blessington Street Basin

Blessington Street also boasts an absolute hidden gem. Walk to the end of one of the nicest streets in Dublin and you’ll find a gateway to a park that not many people know about. Again, you’ll find a good mix of people and some water to look at to take you away from the depressing summer-in-the-city woes.

Bullock Harbour

Bullock Harbour near Dalkey is a working harbour that has plenty of rocks to sit on and enjoy the views. Although its not very central, its just a simple dart trip out and back, making a change from the usual forty foot in Dun Laoghaire or elsewhere. You’ll also have the added extra of the sea breeze and views, especially if you’re not dealing well in the city with this heat (like most of us).











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