Online clubbing encyclopaedia, Resident Advisor, released the latest in their film series Real Scenes last week, this time turning their focus on London. The film is RA’s 10th in the series and marks their return to the UK after shining a light on the Bristol six years ago. Real Scenes London follows on from previous trips to Detroit, Berlin, New York, and Johannesburg to name but a few.

We don’t want to spoil too much for you as the Real Scenes docu-series has built up a reputation for offering an excellent insight to the people behind famous institutions, record stores, and clubs along with focusing on the unique characteristics that make each city what it is.

That said, from these films you begin to get an insight into why each city sounds the way it does. In the New York film RA look at the effect of towering rent prices and working more than one job on soundscape and the shaping of NY’s raw sounding House. In Berlin the collapse of the Berlin wall and discovering abandoned spaces in (then) East Berlin that led to the creation of underground nightclubs in a desperate attempt to find freedom in a city who’s population we searching for escape get the point.

Back in London, the effect of immigration in the 1950s on the music produced in the UK’s past is discussed at length and the future of the city is contextualised with the triggering of Brexit. Fabric’s closure and subsequent reopening is also documented.

Real Scenes‘ soundtracks are beginning to amass somewhat of a cult following, and with good reason: They’re fucking killer! The London film has been soundtracked by Killa P & Flowdan, Pearson Sound, Special Request, Endian, and Congo Natty. (You can find the full soundtrack list in the bio of the video), but the list did have us arguing about other influential records that, we think, defined the city. 5 of us picked one. Here are the results:

1. Anti War Dub – Digital Mystikz (2006 / DMZ)


2. Hyph Mngo – Joy Orbison (2009 / Hotflush)


3. Consexual – Minimal Man (1993 / Guerilla Recordings)


4. Wheel N Deal – DJ Gunshot (1994 / N U-Turn)


5. Mud – Loefah (2006 / DMZ)


* It also had us thinking of the potential for a Dublin film. If there was going to be a Dublin film who would you like to see make the soundtrack list?

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