Kicking off our new ’60 Seconds with ..’ series is mysterious techno producer Post Scriptum. After being signed to Function’s Infrastructure NY label, he was also featured on Ostgut Ton’s limited edition 12″. We definitely recommend checking out Post Scriptum’s upcoming release ‘Year Zero EP’ which will be out on his own imprint April 17, it’s heavy.

Q) Which film/tv show do you wish you could’ve done the score for?
A) Just to name few, it could have been Lars Von Trier’s ‘The Kingdom’ series or Hanneke’s Funny Games.. as Post Scriptum feels like a fish in the sea in such heavy psycho human and non-human world. There aren’t many movies I’ve seen in my life that played so cruelly with my mind. This is what I’d love to go for, to add some hypnotic darkness and emotionally charged themes. It is always a challenge to get soaked into the unspoken only sensed reality. Recently I’ve come across an interview with Robert Carlyle – the guy playing Begbie in Transporting. He mentions there is a possibility they’re going to go for T3, which would focus basically on his character. This is definitely where I’d love to get involved, as Begbie is a human representation of where Post Scriptum is heading now.
Q) What is your go to cereal after a heavy night out?
A) After a heavy night I usually try to catch a flight and usually miss the breakfast.
Q) East Coast or West Coast?
A) I hope you aren’t asking me to take a position about hip-hop / rap world? If you are not asking about that, then east, north, south, wherever is good, as long there is good company.
Q) Best restaurant you’ve ever been brought to before a show?
A) Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap in Berlin, I was brought there before a Berghain Live performance by a very close friend. 1 hour long cue, but is all worth the long wait.
Q) How many autographs have you signed in your life?
A) I think those are passé, it’s time for selfies now.
Q) Worst hotel you’ve ever stayed in?
A) It was in Eastern Europe, I think Slovakia, a hotel in old abandoned school with blood on the bed sheets, might have been a missed opportunity for a crime scene to be recorded. I think I need to re-visit some day, if only I remembered the name or the city…
Q) Things you can’t go away without?
A) My hard drive with all the music currently not completed.
Q) The best remix of all time?
A) Mark Bell’s LFO remix of ‘Lie to me’ by Depeche Mode, he was a great influence, not only as an artist but also as a producer of some inspiring acts. This remix is a great example how one can interpret somebody else’s music in their own fucked up way, while still keeping the spirit of the original piece of music and fitting it effortlessly.
Q) Where’s the best place to go dancing in your hometown?
A) In every town of the techno world there’s a place that only few know about. These are mostly illegal places to hold an event. Whether you dance or perform, you are fueled with extra dose of adrenaline. In my town this is exactly that secret place.
Q) What’s been your worst club experience?
A) Still waiting for it, I imagine it would be interesting to experience a miss stage dive of some sort.
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