Bjarki, an Icelandic techno DJ/Producer came to the forefront of the scene last year with his track ‘I Wanna Go Bang‘. His music can be described as cinematic with a story behind every track, “Bjarki’s music always has something to do with him personally, but he’d rather the listener lose themselves in the music than pay much attention to the man behind them.”

We caught up with Bjarki for a quick chat about his native Iceland and more.

Q: Growing up in Iceland with relatively no nightlife, how did you stumble across electronic music and how did you get into producing it?

A: There is a lot of nightlife in Iceland! The only thing for me is I was too young at the time to go out and I was living with my father in North of Iceland when I first got into making music with a computer.

Q: Who or what were your main influences from Iceland growing up as a teenager?

A: I’ve always been influenced by movies. Not so much with music.

Q: I read that you used to produce tracks under a different alias when you were living in Amsterdam, are you back living in Iceland at the moment?

A: Yes, because I never wanted people to think to much about one guy. I have my studio in Iceland and I go back as often as possible.

Q: How did you come about releasing on Тrip?

A: Nina was my dentist in Moscow.

Q: Exos, who is also on Тrip and from Iceland, did you only meet him through Trip or where you friends before?

A: There were not many techno makers around, so it was inevitable that we had to meet at some point.

Q: I myself have never been to Iceland, could you tell me a little about the techno scene over there?

A: It’s small but intense. Dedicated dancers and people are into it. But I don’t think anyone really cares about techno as a genre, thats what I really love about my home.

Q: You’ve a release coming up soon Lefhanded Fuqs, was there any certain type of vibe you wanted to keep throughout the tracks on the release?

A: For me, some of my favorite tracks from a certain period in my life are on there. There’s my first film score that I made for a story I wrote many years ago. To my friends this release has a special vibe that they haven’t heard before. I consider that good, since today we often crave listening to something that we haven’t heard before. 

Q: We’ve seen some great Trip raves being held in Iceland, how does it feel to be apart of starting a whole new wave of parties?

A: I always knew that it would be big. It actually got so popular that we had a person a few months ago doing exact copy of our party from last year, in the same cave! I find that really cool that we had such as impact.

Q: You’re back playing in Hangar, Dublin this coming weekend, how was it last time you came over?

A: The energy there was really good. Last time I played for some amazing ravers. This time I know I’m going to enjoy it even more!

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