Funny enough, one of the first Boiler Rooms I ever watched was Mr.G’s back in 2012. Ever since that Boiler Room, I’ve found it hard for anyone to match him in energy and his style. Being one of the elder figures within electronic music, G has been through it all. He has seen trends come in and come out, and watched the whole scene we love grow and grow. I was lucky enough to sit down with this man for 60 seconds.

Q: Mr.G! What an absolute pleasure it is to speak to you. How has 2016 been?

A: Fantastic and tough!

Q: How would you describe your MPC?


A: Melisa lol

Q: When it comes to production and with the vast amount of hardware you’re able to get now. Are people losing the idea of ‘simplicity’?


A: Variety is the spice of life, no?… what ever works for you!

Q: Have you ever had dance lessons or is it all organic movement when you’re playing?


A: Nope self-taught – it’s all about expression.

Q: Speaking on your dance moves. Your Boiler Room was just mind-blowing. Was this a big moment in your career?


A: Yes it was one of them – there have been a few!

Q: Having travelled around all of the world gigging. What would be one of the most standout places to you?


A: Definitely Japan and Canada.

Q: What are the key attributes you wish to have when performing?


A: Great sound and monitors with nuff space ….. and an up for it crowd!

Q: Do you think compiling your emotions into your music has a big effect?


A: For sure, it’s how you lose your demons and it balances your soul!

Q: What would be your favourite release to this day?


A: Power up… The boys crew 001!

Q: And for our last question, what do you look forward to most in 2017?


A: World peace!

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