Through various statements posted on the Electric Deluxe, Phil Kieran and RØDHÅD Facebook page the arrival of a brand new and very mysterious release series entitled ‘STOOR’ has been announced, which seems to be originating from Speedy J’s Rotterdam based studio.

All the content is available to stream via the STOOR Soundcloud page, however it’s hard to decipher who exactly has put together each track as each title is an innocuous bunch of numbers and letters.

Thanks to some more cryptic posts in the lead up by Clouds and others as well as the post from RØDHÅD which detailed his own and Speedy J’s involvement, it seems that there is a slew of well known producers behind the 9 EP collection.

Further posts on the STOOR page have outlined the project’s emphasis on providing an independent space for artists to work on unfinished or brand new projects.

‘No stylistic limitations.

Whether visitors arrive with plans for mixing, post-production, or building new works from scratch, this environment will provide them an unparalleled opportunity to ‘stretch out’ creatively.’

Images of the studio show that it’s based in a basement in Rotterdam and that it seems to be taking a totally new approach.

Each statement also noted that there will be 50 limited edition copies of each EP and that they will not be available to buy digitally. You can buy vinyls here, but most are sold out.

Kieran detailed that he himself has a collection of tracks on the way on STOOR and that from now on there will be a new EP releasing on STOOR every two weeks.

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