Lo-Fi has been around for many years now but only as of late has it given birth to a whole new generation of producers and DJs. From Delroy Edwards and Patricia to DJ Seinfeld, Subjoi and many more, here are 10 tracks that tell the history of the lo-fi sound to where you can hear it in today’s modern underground culture.

Sade – Couldn’t love you more (Florian Kupfer remix)

The Wiesbadden-born producer is one of the biggest names on our list. Not only has he been experimenting with all sorts of genres from his early years of making music, but also shaping the lo-fi scene for upcoming talent.

Florian adds his own spin to the 1992 Sade track ‘Couldn’t Love You More’ with mesmerising claps and cloudy kick drums.

Terekke – Bank 3

Mellow, chilled and light. These are the words that would describe Terekke’s ‘Bank 3’.

Terekke dives deep into and creates a euphoric atmosphere and explores the more steady side of lo-fi.

Delroy Edwards – 4 club use only

A legend and some would say a pioneer to the genre, the LA-born producer is highly experienced with surfacing new music. At 18 he moved to New York City where he worked at the iconic ‘A1 Records’.

Delroy slowly crafted his new and unique sound of lo-fi house and ‘4 Club Use Only’ was the outcome.

Anthony Naples – Mad Disrespect

‘Mad Disrespect’ is seen as an anthem for all die hard fans of the sound. A bit cleaner than the usual highly distorted tracks from a major majority of lo-fi DJs.

Anthony Naples paints a more clearer, sharper and vivid picture with his tracks compared to the more common sound of rough and rugged that lo-fi is based on.

Patricia – Josephine

A massive influence in the lo-fi sound comes from America. The likes of Patricia, Delroy Edwards and newcomer Baltra have been moulding the genre.

Patricia is known for the use of vintage drum sounds that are very distinctive in his tracks, especially ‘Josephine’.

Huerco S. – Cercy

A more ambient side to the lo-fi sound. Kansas City producer Huerco S. shared his track ‘Cercy’ on the label ‘Future Times’.

‘Cercy’ is a perfect explanation that the lo-fi sound expanded into a genre a music with sub-genres attached.


The entire EP is so good we just had to add it in its entirety.

UNTZZ released ‘BDOH001’ in 2012 to a massive cult following. only a mere 300 copies were released at first, selling out instantly. An EP exploring the more ‘Warehouse Rave’ side to the lo-fi sound.

Rosegold – Entro Senestre

A track that shows how far the lo-fi sound has traveled from its small roots. Rosegold shared ‘Entro Senestre’ on ‘WT Records’ back in 2015.

The track has since gone on to hit over one million views on YouTube. A massive accomplishment and a statement that read ‘lo-fi is back’.

Ross From Friends – Talk To Me You’ll Understand

One of the biggest tracks of 2015. The massively hyped Ross From Friends released ‘Talk To Me You’ll Understand’ on the highly respected lo-fi and Deep House record label ‘Lobster Thermin’.

The label have been a huge vocal point for the resurfacing of the sound along with creating a fresh landscape for the sound to return and excel.

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