Joris Voorn sat down with Gareth Elliot at this year’s ADE to talk about his very busy year, how he prepares for certain sets and the three DJs that he would pick to be stuck on a desert island with.


Q. So how are you enjoying ADE so far ?

A. Its a great one, it’s getting better every year.

Q. I came here in 2014 and since then it’s gotten more global and more international don’t you think?

A. Yeah I think so too it’s just gotten so big since then.

Q. Here’s a random question for you, if you were stuck with three DJs on a desert island, who would they be and why?

A. “Oh wow! (Laughs) That is a big question..

Ok let me think, Well the first one is easy and it’s got to be Kolsch because he’s going to be cooking amazing meals to survive.

Q. Kolsch, really? I thought Seth Troxler was the best DJ cook?

A. No Kolsch won the best DJ cook this year. He won it for the third time I think. He’s going to cook against Seth next year so that’s going to be a moment.

My second choice would be Seth because Kolsch isn’t going to cook for you every night (Laughs).

My third choice would probably be The Orb because he would be very different to speak to. Especially if we are all going to have to play some music, I think it’s going to be nice to listen to something away from techno (Laughs)…

Q. Those are some really good answers.

Where would you see yourself if you didn’t take up music?

A. I probably would have still been an architect which is what I did before music. So I guess I would still be doing that.

Q. Coming from a very culturally-rich city, would you say that Amsterdam has an influence on your productions?

A. I think the great thing about Amsterdam is that it has a very strong and broad history of dance music, and at the same time it has a very young audience and also the people that have been involved in the scene for a long time are still a major part in it which is fantastic.

Everyone seems to be interested in dance music, especially techno. It’s a real Techno city but not in the same way that Berlin is. It’s not as purist in a broader sense. Anything can work in Amsterdam, there is a place for every type of music here.

Q. What keeps you more engaged DJing or producing?

A. I think I couldn’t live without one of either of them. I need my producer side to be able to finish my tracks when I’m DJing. It also keeps me very interested in playing. There’s no better feeling than going out and playing a track that you’ve worked so hard on for the first time. On the other hand, I couldn’t go into the studio and make dancefloor music without having the experience and expectation of playing it on the floor.

Q. When preparing for a set, what works best for you? By that I mean in terms of either the venue or the time you’re playing?

A.It always depends really, I’m a very broad minded DJ. I play a lot of different sounds in my sets. It really depends on where I play that has an effect on my preparation. When I play a five-hour set I make sure that I start off very nice and deep and then I have those tracks that are very musically interesting that people love to dance to. I make sure that the tracks, when the time comes, really bring on the fire. It’s very important to have this range of music ready.

Q. What would you say is the stand out moment of your career has been so far?

A. There have been way too many stand out moments (Laughs). I remember the first time playing in Japan which was really special and very emotional as well. I always wanted to play in Japan and then the moment came about 10 years ago and I thought to myself, this is it. Japan at the time was the epiphany of dance music so that was a very special thing for me.

Q. What’s the one thing you are looking forward to near the end of 2016 ?

A. I am very looking forward to go into hibernation after that year (Laughs). I don’t really mean that but I would love to. It’s been a very busy year with a lot of gigs and studio time. It can be pretty intense. Especially being at ADE after a very busy summer. Once this weekend is out of the way I can start to relax.

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