Electronic dance music legend, Aphex Twin has just released an online goldmine of previously unreleased tracks on his new online shop.

Richard D. James has been producing tunes for over 2 decades releasing an outrageously large catalogue of music through multiple different alias’ like AFX, GAK, Powerpill and many more. God only knows about the thousands of unreleased tunes he’s made, and tunes he’s released under unknown alias’s.

His new four track EP, ‘Orphans’, has just been released too which features two AFX remixes credited to Luke Vibert, an old friend of his. The sneaky record that Warp released whilst Aphex was playing at Field Day received a digital release with six new bonus tracks. Alongside these are three alternative demo versions of “Windowlicker” and a “dry version” of Philip Glass’ “Icct Hedral”.

He also left this message along with the “2 Mixes Not For Cash” release.

“Ok very happy to clear this ancient question up. The album was actually named ’26 remixes for cash’ by Rob Mitchell RIP . He said I should name the album this after I told him how I dealt with all the remix payments.Every remix I did for this up until it’s release I had met the representative or artist somewhere in central London and got paid in cash, so nobody would have my details or know where I lived.Incdentally Rob also came up with the name ‘Surfing On Sine Waves’ after I told him loads of people I knew grewing up in Cornwall were poser surfers and I didn’t wanna hang around with them.”

Check out the back catalogue of all music through the new store here.


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