Aphex Twin is back again, this week revealing an extremely rare insight into his legendary productions. Last week we saw Aphex Twin launch an online goldmine of previously unreleased tracks with his new online shop.

The shop consisted of his new four track EP, ‘Orphans’, has just been released too which features two AFX remixes. A digital version of the Field Day record which had six new bonus tracks and also three alternative demo versions of “Windowlicker” and a “dry version” of Philip Glass’ “Icct Hedral”.

Richard D. James has been producing tunes for over 2 decades releasing an outrageously large catalogue of music through multiple different alias’ like AFX, GAK, Powerpill and many more.

The Warp records veteran has now just revealed how he produced the track ‘Vordhosbn’ from his ‘Druqks’ album in a rare video. Posted to video, it features a breakdown of a drum-less version of the track in the software PlayerPro.

Check out the video below.

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