Meet Chemical X, he’s an anonymous artist that creates murals and art pieces from real ecstasy pills but the catch is, he doesn’t buy the pills, he makes them. His lab that he presses the pills in is constantly on the move to reduce the risk of being raided. There is two parts to his lab, one presses blank pills to the desired colour, the other is off the radar which makes the desired product.

Chemical X has said that neither himself or the lab have had any problems with the police but they have a plan in case something does pop up.

He also has a website which you can check out here but be warned you mightn’t get in wearing those trainers. His prints are limited to 50 copies but are signed by Chemical X himself like this print of an ‘E-Heart’ that runs for £145.

He originally tried to hold an exhibition in a gallery in London back in 2013 with reportedly £175,000 worth of ecstasy pills but it was cancelled. Eventually he ended up holding one at Bear Club Gallery where he exhibited a mural of two doves with a church stain glass window made with over 10,000 pills. We can’t actually confirm whether they are actually filled with MDMA but you can check out some of his work below.

We haven’t heard from Chemical X in a while but hopefully he’ll pop up with some new pieces.

chemical x ecstasy art

Ecstasy art lab

ecstasy art zeus


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