Sligo natives Brame & Hamo have become two of the most talked about DJs in Ireland in recent years, with a huge debut Boiler Room at AVA Festival in Belfast last year as well as huge releases such as ‘Ghetto For You’ on Detroit Swindle’s Heist Recordings over two years ago.

The duo haven’t released any music since then, but have been busy playing gigs all over Europe. Now based in Berlin, Brame & Hamo have DJed in huge clubs all over the continent, from Tresor to their regular sell-out shows at Faint in their hometown of Sligo.

The lads have just announced that after two years they will release an EP titled ‘Trants’ on their own self titled imprint ‘Brame & Hamo’

“B&H001, ‘Trants’, is a versatile three-tracker that expertly captures the light and shade of the duo’s production pallette. Opening the EP, title-track ‘Trants’ (say it aloud to trace the inspiration), provides a hugely satisfying denouement. Awash in a retro-futurist haze, flavours of early bleep techno, dusty drums and yes, outright trance flavours provide the ingredients for a euphoria-inducing trip that culminates in a melodic call to arms-in-the-air.

Things get much tougher throughout ‘Hurt You’, which begins with an immediate strike of chunky percussion, jacking Chi-town rhythms and an unapologetically menacing organ line. As the requisite vocal sample delivers emotive threat, the mood only gets darker still, delivering something akin to an outsider house rendition of a lost Dance Mania cut.

Finally, providing a soft landing with an early-doors on-the-floor heater, ‘Clarence’ lives up to it’s ‘Smooth Mix’ subtitle, as a lounging piano line gently gives way to vibrant sax and a soothing female vocal sample, while still maintaining a precise and irresistible groove for the club.

Expanding seamlessly on their reputation as DJs and producers with an instinctive understanding of the genre, B&H001 is as soulful, tough and deeply satisfying of a house record as anything in Brame & Hamo’s already impressive musical repertoire. Indeed, here’s your Trants, now dance! ”

You can listen to the title track from the EP ‘Trants’ below.

The full EP is set for release on October 30th and can be pre-ordered here.

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