Charles Fenckler has been catching the names of techno lovers all around the world. With some astonishing releases like ‘Stellar Acid’ to ‘Frozen Rooms’, it’s clear why the lads are Soma Records have been supporting his music. Check out our exclusive interview with him below.

Q: Hey Charles, How are you? How’s the start of 2017 been for you?

A: Hello Four Four. Doing really good at the moment and happy to play my debut show in Dublin this weekend. 2017 has started the perfect way so far as I’m playing more gigs than ever and receiving tons of awesome requests. So let’s hope it continues !

Q: ‘Diving From The Void’ has been doing the rounds now and gaining some serious hype, could you tell us a little bit why you decided to do an album?

A: Ahah thanks ! The fact is Soma Records has asked me to do this album a very long time ago. They said that they really like the sound of my very first demo and wanted to sign 4 EPs + a debut album while I was only starting making music, which was crazy. The album “Diving From The Void” was supposed to be released in 2015 but to be honest it was a really hard exercise for me and we had to postpone the release several times. The point was not to make 11 techno club tracks but rather to tell a story and try to bring the listenner to a stellar journey with me.

Q: When you’re in the studio, do you find yourself edging more towards hardware or software?

A: Mmmh.. I started with Ableton but I have now hardware such as a TR8, a TB3, a synthetizer, mixing controls and some other gears. I’m feeling quite comfortable with the software now but I’m still struggling with the hardware as you need to first understand how all the equipment works. Still, I like the combinaison of the two sides and I’m really trying to find a good balance between these two. And I’m actually thinking of producing my first live show so I’m spending more times with the machines.

Q: To be on Soma Records at such a young age is a serious achievement, how did this first come about?

A: As I said earlier, I got in touch with Soma when I started making music. When my first tracks were ready I reached out a few labels including Soma and they were the first to get back to me. They said they really liked the tracks and wanted more. So I sent them my new demos and this is how the collaboration started. I’m really happy and proud to work with such a record label which has been inspiring me for years knowing I was not born when they started ahah. I went to Glasgow several times so I had the chance to meet the whole team which are the best people in the world and visit their office where is the Golden record of Daft Punk. Crazy shit !

Q: Is this your first time playing in Ireland this weekend, how are you feeling for it?

A: Yes this is my first time in Ireland and I’m super excited ! I heard the Irish crowd could be crazy sometimes so I cannot wait to see what it looks like. I know their previous guest was my fellow citizen Mezigue who’s more on the House-y side so I hope they’ll also like proper techno. 

Q: You have a new EP coming out on Soma soon featuring a remix from pysk, can you tell me a little about it?

A: Yes “Raven” is my latest release on Soma Records and the track was taken from the album. It’s one of the club tracks within the album so I’m happy to release it as a single as promoters wants to hear club tracks before booking you. I’m super happy to have Psyk as a remixer because I really like his work and I was astonished when I heard his version of the track. And the artists support we received is unbelievable with people like Marcel Dettmann, Adam Beyer, Alan Fitzpatrick, Luca Agnelli, Dax J, Perc or Len Faki playing it. Everytime I hear my track being played by names like this I’m still thinking this is not true.

Q: Looking back on 2016, what was your favourite moment of the year?

A: Mmh.. 2016 was my biggest year so far and so many great things happened. I think the release of my debut album was a big achievement as it was a huge work from myself and a bit of a relief. I could also mention my first Scottish gig at Pressure with Slam and Jeff Mills who are both major inspirations. And maybe also my first Amsterdam Dance Event which was basically gigs, local beers and dangerous bicycle rides through Amsterdam.

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