Last week we took a brief look at some of the reports appearing from various news outlets across the world regarding the Gay community in Chechnya. As we have written before, given club culture’s indebted links to the gay community we believe that what’s currently happening to the gay community in Chechnya is both appalling and worthy of continued coverage in this and similar dance music focused magazines. With these dispatches we hope to both present a summary of up to date reports and continue the conversation online. You can read Dispatch 001 here. Here’s the (little) information we’ve been able to make sense of since:

 May 10th: British Prime Minister Theresa May condemns the situation in Chechya in a response to Ian Dunkin and Seb Dance referring to the situation as “Deeply Disturbing” The Independent reports ( The calls come after German Chancellor Angela Merkel urged Vladimir Putin to begin a formal investigation into the reports.

 May 11th: British Newspaper The Guardian report that activists in Moscow protesting to raise awareness over Chechnya were arrested while attempting to deliver a petition that had been signed by 200 people calling for an investigation into the abuses faced by the gay community in Chechnya. In total 5 people were detained.

The Russian LGBT Network release a statement through The Huffington Post claiming to have aided 42 gay men from evading persecution in Chechnya. The Network claims to have provided evacuation, medical, and psychological support to those in need and are currently attempting to establish channels for countries to accept LGBT refugees.


Ambassador to the Russian Federation in Israel, Dimitry Alushkin, pens letter to Haaretz (the longest standing in print newspaper in Israel) claiming that the facility reported by many news media publications to be a ‘Gay concentration camp’, is instead a military store house. You can read the letter [here] (

 May 12th: Pressure on the Russian Federation to undertake a more thorough investigation into the reported events in Chechnya mounts. Results of the initial investigation reported in Haaretz concluded that there was no evidence of any abuse or malpractice against the gay community in the Chechen Republic but is not received well by various activist groups worldwide.

Republican House Representative Adam Schiff and various members of the Los Angeles City Council publicly criticise Donald Trump for his silence on the subject and called for the US to take action.

Updated ways to help:

 Save a Life in Chechnya! Campaign Launched: Alturi an online organisation set up to fund global LGBT activism establishes the Save a Life in Chechnya! campaign. Link:


ILGA Europe Donate Link:

American Friends of Rainbow Railroad Inc. This is an organisation attempting to help Gay men flee Chechnya and settle in Canada and other countries.

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