Twitter and other social media outlets have erupted after it emerges that Konstantin, co-founder of the highly regarded record label Giegling shared his opinion regarding female artists to a writer from German magazine Groove, referring to them as “disproportionately promoted” in the industry and suggests that women are “usually worse at DJing than men”.

The writer of the article meets Konstantin on a train on the way to Leipzig for a concert where the Giegling artist was set to perform, and it’s there that the conversation turns into a discussion about feminism and the roles of women in the music industry.

Konstantin then begins to surprise the writer as he expresses himself about how “he finds it unfair that women are so heavily promoted although in his opinion women are usually worse at DJing than men are.”

You can read the English translation of the full article below.

Other artists have also weighed in on the subject:



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