Page 1. Overview of the campaign / DJ competition 

CUPRA launched their ‘On The Pulse’ DJ competition in February, inviting aspiring DJs to enter for a chance to play at the Beyond The Pale festival, a club show in Dublin, and a 2,500 euro artist development cash prize.

Over 300 aspiring DJs competed, demonstrating the immense talent of Ireland’s next generation of Irish talent. Five finalists emerged from a mountain of excellent local DJ mixes. With a large bank of mixes to sift through, an industry-selected judging panel faced a difficult and strenuous task, but five finalists emerged to compete in the finale.

The campaign has solidified CUPRA’s desire to discover and nurture the next crop of Irish artists, building on their previous work with some of Europe’s top events, including Primavera Sound in Barcelona, as well as collaborating with popular club culture brand Boiler Room. Many electronic artists share the company’s values of craftsmanship, design, technology, performance, and passion. Their dedication to diversity and supporting emerging talent is also at the heart of this latest campaign.

Page 2. Index pics with blurb on the Amplify series

The Amplify series is all about spotlighting established and emerging Irish dance music acts as part of the CUPRA Amplify series, with the debut offering coming from homegrown heroes, Obskür.

Obskür returned to Dublin’s Index for an all-night performance, accompanied by a number of friends. The sold-out Paddy’s weekend event was a watershed moment for both the pair and Irish house music. Four Four Magazine and CUPRA were there to capture the moments through videos and pictures to get an insight into the concept of Obskür’s all-night-long set. They shared the booth with various friends and artists from the Irish scene and used this opportunity to amplify surrounding Irish artists in one of Dublin’s most revered club spaces, Index.

We followed the duo from their homes to the booth, catching up with them and learning more about their rise to fame and their desire to bring their friends along for the journey.

Page 3. Telegraph pics with blurb on Amplify series 

The second instalment of the CUPRA Amplify Series featured rising Irish techno artists MAV666 and IMO. The trailblazing artists played a historic sold-out show at Belfast’s coveted club institution, The Telegraph Building, as part of a collaborative showcase with formidable Manchester-based techno collective Teletech and Belfast promoter Shine.

The colossal club show was a defining moment in the Irish club calendar, as well as a landmark booking for the rising stars as they played in the second room for one of the biggest techno events of the year.

The pair spoke about their goals for the coming year alongside their journey thus far as they touched on debuting at festivals, international bookings and Boiler Room. They speak of the importance of achieving small goals alongside the more notable achievements, and the importance of working day by day. “Everything happened in its own divine time.”

Page 4. Event pics from the final 

On May 23rd, five finalists from the ‘ON THE PULSE’ DJ Competition, which aims to help develop the new generation of Irish talent, competed for the top spot, with the winner receiving a slot at the prestigious Beyond The Pale Festival as well as a 2,500 euro artistic fund.

Rising artists Aldar Agd, Brawni, Charlois, Cian Bolger, and RJ THE DJ each performed for 30 minutes in front of an industry panel of judges, which included high-profile DJs, booking agents and managers, and festival organisers. The final also provided the DJs with the opportunity to perform in front of a live audience at Tengu, one of Dublin’s most coveted nightclubs.

The quality of the performances was exceptionally high, especially given that many of the DJs had minimal experience performing in front of a crowd or in a nightclub. Following the five juggernaut sets, a winner was chosen, and cross-functional artist Cian Bolger won with a sizzling UK-soaked half-hour set that weaved through grime, dubstep, garage, and more.

The night was capped off with a debut B2B set from Irish dance music stalwarts DART and Efa O’Neill, who delivered a masterclass of club-focused sounds, seamlessly blending their respective tastes and finishing the night with a massive bang.

Page 5. Blurb about the finalist.

Cian Bolger, the competition winner, is a multidisciplinary artist who specialises in DJing, photography, and directing. Bolger’s sets are genre-defying, emphasising forceful bass tremors, intricate pockets of percussive rhythm, and atmospheric dub elements. Cian’s music combines a variety of sonic elements from his extensive creative background, from smokey hip-hop flavours and Bristol-brushed low-end thunder. Cian leads dancers on a slippery journey through aquatic textures and subterranean atmospheres, expertly blending contemporary and classic sounds.

Cian’s music and DJing are inherently inspired by his various artistic endeavours, as he digs deep for his music, unearthing slightly off-kilter and nuanced cuts to create a unique atmosphere that is somewhat cinematic. His approach to DJing, however, is heavily defined by his time spent on the other side of the booth as a photographer, soaking up various influences and weaving them into his own work.

Page 6: Top Tips – Excerpt from one of the top tips + pic 

The ‘Top Tips’ series features essential DJ tips and advice from some of Ireland’s most coveted selectors. Kerry native, Yasmin Gardezi, discusses the importance of experimenting with new genres, preparing for festival sets, naturally marketing yourself, warming up a room, and more.

“I think it is extremely important not to limit yourself to one genre. I’ve done my fair share of evolving through the different genres over the past 7 years, growing musically as an artist and constantly changing my taste, while also having the element of adapting to suit support slots and a range of different environments. You need to be musically fluid, especially when you are just establishing yourself as an artist. If you can master this skill and know your place in a time slot or support situation you will nail every slot and this will in turn bring you more opportunities.”

“Always stay true to yourself musically and remember why you got into the music scene in the first place. Be respectful of your peers, there is room for everyone. If you keep a good attitude and have good etiquette from the start the word GO, you’re going to go so unbelievably far you have no idea. Always be mindful of creating a safe space for everyone around you, that is what music and dance floors are all about. Take on constructive criticism but make sure you do not acknowledge or take to heart negative or damaging remarks and comments. Most of the time the people leaving this negativity are jealous or not happy in their own circumstances or journey so stay positive and keep doing you and don’t fight fire with fire.”

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