Four years after Detroit Swindle started the imprint Heist Recordings with the ‘Break up to make up’ EP, they’ve now came back to release their fourth solo record. This ‘Can’t Hold It’ release brings their love for “lush disco, analogue basslines and leftfield musicians” together for a four track EP.

The opening track, which is also the EP title, utilises “warm subs” with “galloping hi-hats” and “exotic synth” loops to keep you entertained for hours on end.

‘Just not Norma’ uses the same effective style of drums and bass but this time brings in “a few simple but effective keys chops” and also calls on Mark de Clive-Lowe for his “dash of emotional P-funk”.

Next up the lads delve into more electronic territory with two different versions of ‘Tamarindus Hollandicus’, one being a remix from Willie Burns. The original see’s Detroit Swindle base it around a percussion loop and a “roaring Moog bass”. Willie Burns then flips the track upside down making it more dark and trippy. “Machinegun-like claps and haunting strings” piece his remix together ready for any dancefloor.

‘Can’t Hold Back’ EP is set this release later this month, July 31


  1. 01. Can’t Hold It
  2. 02. Just not Norma feat. Mark de Clive-Lowe
  3. 03. Tamarindus hollandicus
  4. 04. Tamarindus hollandicus (Willie Burns remix)


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