The beautiful Concertgebouw venue in Amsterdam had to cancel a show two hours early last night due to parts of the ceiling falling down. Coming towards the end of hour five in a seven hour back to back marathon, Dixon and Job Jobse were forced to evacuate the building, along with attendees of the show.

At approximately 1am, the historic building started to crumble, and almost one thousand party-goers had to leave the premises. The venue recently released a statment claiming the damaged section of the ceiling has been removed and all scheduled performances will go a head.

“Last night during a dance event in the Concertgebouw we found that grit had come loose from a plaster moulding above the stage in the Great Hall. We decided to end the event prematurely due to the safety of the visitors. The house is now clear. An inspection found that a small part of the stucco is damaged; this section has now been removed. No one is in danger. It is being examined whether the damage is related to the event. The Concertgebouw hosts dance events a couple of times a year because we wish it to be accessible to as many people as possible. All upcoming concerts and rehearsals will continue.”
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