The London born techno DJ has had a meteoric rise to prominence the last two years and has become a cult figure within the techno scene, both in Europe and Worldwide.

Dax J has become a huge Irish favourite, particularly in Dublin with the Techno & Cans crew where he made his Irish debut back in February 2016, since then Dax has gone on to headline huge Irish shows in Limerick, Cork, Waterford and Belfast to the delight of the passionate Irish techno faithful.

With the Monnom Black boss due back in Dublin this Saturday for his massive District 8 debut with Techno & Cans, we asked the Dublin collective to give us their favourite top 7 Dax J tracks.

Dax J also plays this years BD Festival  where he’ll once again team up with the Techno & Cans crew and headlines their bunker stage. More information can be found here.

Here are the Techno & Cans top picks, did they get them right? Let us know your thoughts via our Four Four Magazine group.

‘Picking a favourite Dax J tune would be like picking your favourite sibling, it’s near on impossible… As everyone knows we’re big fans’

7. Dax J – The Wonk


6. Dax J Imperial Propaganda


5. Dax J – The Invisible Man


4. Dax J – Protect the Prophecy


3. SHDW & Obscure Shape – Dax J Remix

It was very hard to not put this one at number 2, but as it’s a remix it stays at number 3. We recently played this one at a rave in Belfast for the first time, it’s an absolute dance floor destroyer and not left our bag since.



2. Dax J – Wir Leben Fur Die Nacht

It was close to call between this and Escape The System and we weren’t allowed to have a joint number one, so here it is at #2.


1. Dax J – Escape The System

Without doubt our favourite track, since we heard this it’s been a staple in many a Techno & Cans DJ set and club show, it’s got everything.


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