All Together Now, taking place next weekend, have announced that Dublin Old School will be hosting the ‘All My Friends’ stage on Sunday August 5 for the festivals first year in action. 

For anyone who hasn’t had the pleasure of seeing the movie yet, Emmett Kirwan and Dave Tynan created, in our opinion, an iconic movie telling a raw story that Dublin see’s too often these days. With one brother working in a record shop as an aspiring DJ and dabbling in substances deemed ‘classier’ by many, another brother has become addicted to heroin. The movie puts into perspective an obvious classist perspective held towards drugs by many, especially in Ireland’s current epidemic, while also light heartedly bringing us around different parties and raves in Dublin and Ireland – with a really colloquial style and comprehensive and enjoyable house based soundtrack due for a release later this year.

The line up for the ‘All My Friends’ stage is varied with plenty of familiar DJs and producers known for several genres all the way from techno to house, hip hop and more with a few staples of the Irish dance music scene thrown in there too.

The line up includes New Jackson, Johnny Moy, Russel Simmons, Greg Spring, JJ Rolfe, Stevie G, Claire Beck, Tara Stewart, and Soft Boy Records.

All Together Now takes place from August 3-5 at Curraghmore House, Waterford. 


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