After bringing her Elements showcases internationally last winter in Rome, Rotterdam and Dublin, releasing her debut album on Slam’s Soma in April, Rebekah now returns home to Elements with a new 12″.

Rebekah now introduces Valura to her label with their ‘Exalted Encounter’ EP “who interprets the element of earth with well-constructed melodies and broken beats, creating a post-apocalyptic soundscape.”

The EP includes remixes from Lag, the Serbian techno artist and Rebekah herself. Lag uses “the industrial aesthetic and pushes the boundaries further adding more harsher textures with his well-disciplined sound design” whereas Rebekah takes on a more “straight forward slant” which is sure to feature on a lot of dancefloors in the near future.

We recently sat down with Rebekah to see if she thought Elements would grow such a respected reputation in such a short time.

“Secretly I hoped it would! Upon discovering Malika Maria’s, I loved the idea for her to be able to join me either part of an album tour or a showcase, we just needed to figure out how it would work. The EP that came out was born from a concept of a simple and definitely been done before idea but I wanted to see how it would translate in to techno music. Bringing visuals to music and vice versa has always been one of my creative tools, so this whole project seems like a logical progression.” – Rebekah, check out the full interview here.

Exalted Encounter is set to release on September 4.

Check out the title track from the EP below.

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