Elliot Adamson has had a unique spotlight on his profile the past year, being recognised as ‘one of the next big things for electronic music’ by Pete Tong, and respected by peers like Patrick Topping, Jackmaster, Eats Everything & Monki. The reasons being? At the age of 21, he’s accomplished things that artists over the age of 30 haven’t even touched on yet. He’s got an extreme passion for what he does but also knows how to enjoy himself (evident in the interview).

Good afternoon Mr.Adamson. How are you today?

Hot – it’s very hot here in Leeds today, I’ve been considering going out and working on my sunburn.

• You’re a fairly young lad that has accomplished a lot in your career already. What’s been one of the highlights so far?

I just got back from playing in Italy at the weekend which was absolutely nuts! 6500 people there and billed with Len Faki, Pan Pot and Markantonio, definitely a highlight of the DJing side of things! On the production side of things probably working with Eats Everything, when I was first starting out his work with Dirtybird were some of my favourite records and now I can text him calling him a twat whenever I want.

• You seem to be fairly tight with Jackmaster, how did that friendship come about?

I mostly just annoy him by flooding his email box with tunes and then occasionally texting him to check his emails for said tunes. Last few times we’ve been on the same bill I’ve missed him actually, or had to leave just as he arrived, which is probably a good idea since his accent makes me want to get pissed.

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• You’ve an upcoming release on Eat Everythings label ‘Edible Music’. Tell us a bit about this release?

That’s great news! For some reason Dan decided he wanted to sign the lead track last year then we decided to release it this year, and I’m hoping everyone decided to buy it this year too cause that would look good on my cv for when I’m applying to jobs at McDonald’s after this whole music thing is through!

Click here for a pre-order of the release

• What would be your favourite part about making a track?

Finishing it.

• There seems to be a lot of saturation with every type of genre these days, how do you keep your own material/image original and different?
I deliberately saturate the market as much as possible.

• Kebabs or garlic bread?

Is the garlic bread gluten free?

• Four tracks that you are loving at the moment?

Alex Virgo – I Feel Life (Original Mix)
Will Easton – 18 Month Free Trial (Original Mix)
Mat.Joe – Turner (Original Mix)
Elliot Adamson – Where The Fucks My Flanger At? (Original Mix)    <<<<WHY NOT EY!

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