Eric Prydz is no stranger to massive live shows on the grandest scales and despite the success of his last EPIC tour, the man behind ‘Opus’ is embarking on what seems to be an even more epic show in his upcoming HOLO tour.

Fans were thrust into hysterics when the producer revealed details of the upcoming tour, which will include what seem to be holographic images, possibly the only step that would trump his previous visual efforts on tour.

His latest Instagram post showcases what seems to be a DNA Helix rotating in 3D and will make for the ultimate experience to compliment his world renowned live set. Check it out below:

HOLO – testing a classic!

A post shared by Eric Prydz (@ericprydz) on


The Swede takes on Belfast on June 30th, the show’s only stop in Ireland, along with Cristoph and Camelphat, as part of a massive signature Shine show in the Telegraph Building.

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