French DJ/Producer UVB is taking techno enthusiasts hearts by storm since his release ‘What I Have Learned’ on Mord in 2014. After a very successful 2016 with gigs like playing at ADE for the Awakenings closing party in Gashouder and also starting his own label ‘Body Theory’ it’s clear he’s taking his career to the next level. Tommy Holohan caught up with UVB for a quick chat about his productions. He also gace us an exclusive premiere of his release ‘Be More Like Him’ from his forthcoming ‘For We Live By Sight’ EP.

Q: I read you started producing in 2009. What was your first contact with electronic music?

A: Probably the very beginning of Ed Banger (really big in France at the time). Then a friend introduced me to Ben Klock’s ‘One’ album, from that point I digged the whole electronic music history and I found techno to be the genre the closest to me.

Q: What was the catalyst in you starting to produce?

A: Discovering a whole new world of music and influences was the catalyst I guess. I just wanted to express myself and luckily Ableton was there for me to do so without having to spend thousands (I spent thousands afterwards though).

Q: You have an alias with Jean Redondo called Daxyl, your last release together was in 2015. Have you any new tracks in the works?

A: This project is over for now, we have tracks from the past that will possibly get a release at some point.

Q: You recently started your own label ‘Body Theory’, what are your plans for the label?

A: The main purpose in creating a label was to be able to release what I want when I want, so you can expect a regular flow of my own output coming on it.

Q: Are you going to release other artists music on ‘Body Theory’ and if so what’s the process for picking out the best tracks to release?

A: I will release an EP from an upcoming “band” later next year. There is no specific process except that it fits my taste and the label’s aesthetic in a way, it’s just a matter of feeling really.

Q: You’ve played over here in Ireland before, we’re known by artists to like our techno hard and dark. How did you find the crowd when you came over?

A: Amazing crowd. Unluckily the police came halfway of my set to stop the party- but I’ll be back soon and ready to deliver a hard and dark performance.

Q: You’re currently based in Berlin, would you rather the “scene” there compared to France? Is there much differences?

A: It’s difficult to say, I never really experienced the “scene” when I was living in France. From what I see when I DJ there the scene is really healthy at the moment. Berlin is nice because you have really great events and parties and you meet interesting people there pretty much all the time.

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