It’s been a very, very long 18 months since we’ve had a nightclub experience and let’s face is, it’ll be a while yet before we are free to dance to the sound of music, however, pubs, bars and exhibitions are making a very welcome return.

With the news that exhibitions have returned, it’s worth sharing the news about the excellent Hen’s Teeth & Fatti Burke exhibition entitled ‘The Snug’. The exhibition, which is in partnership with Guinness, is an immersive installation celebrating the beating heart of the iconic Irish pub. The exhibition will run in the Hen’s Teeth store and actually kicked off on the 28th of July, but will run through till the 15th of August.

The Snug exhibit has been designed by leading Irish illustrator Fatti Burke. Her playful illustrative style brings THE SNUG to life – her artwork runs across everything from the coasters on the table to the prints on the wall and memorabilia hanging around the place.

I wanted to create a place of surreal familiarity on the walls of The Snug, covered in graphic artwork and nostalgic ephemera. There’s a shared longing for warm nights in the pub with your favourite people, and I took this longing along for a cheeky ride. Snugs have a comforting feeling and you want to leave them covered in jokes and brightness and freshly made memories. It’s about fun and Irishness and the power to be found in having a laugh,” says Fatti Burke, illustrator.

The past year has been marred by missing out on things. From missing friends and family, events that should have happened, sad moments, happy moments – the ability to be together through thick and thin.

In Ireland, The Snug is the ultimate representation of being together: cosying up to loved ones in about as intimate a place as possible sharing delicious, creamy pints, laughs, tears, memories, while crowded into the nook of your favourite pub, one that’s seen it all and has the memorabilia and decor to prove it. 

Event and social distancing:

Visitors are allowed in groups of two (to allow for social distancing) to enjoy the things they’ve missed over the past year: a beautiful pint of Guinness, hanging with your pals and an exhibition.

You can pick up merch in the shape of tee’s, prints, pint glasses, coasters and even boxes of matches from The Snug exhibition here.

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