This weekend, thousands of revellers will descend on Stradbally, Co. Laois for Electric Picnic; Ireland’s biggest festival. The festival is seen by many as the last big blow out of the Summer and a chance to let off some steam before college, work and the cold winter nights close in.

Letting off some steam is all well and good but many people heading to the festival will be thinking about using certain recreational drugs for the first time in their lives and EZTest wants to make sure those in attendance know what they’re taking is the drug they’re intending to consume.

What is EZTest, you ask? EZTest is a presumptive drug identification field testing kit, meaning, depending on the kit you buy  it’ll tell you if the substance you test contains what you hope it to contain and more importantly, consume

There’s a number of different kits available to buy to pretty much test for any type of recreational drug. The Ketamine and Ecstasy kits will probably be the most sought after going into a festival weekend.

The Ketamine test kit identifies the presence of PMMA/PMA (which is also great for checking on Ecstasy tablets) as well as identify (meth)amphetamines, ecstasy, ritalin, and obviously ketamine meanwhile the Ecstasy test kits identifies the presence of MDMA, 2C-B, 2C-C, 2C-I, DOB, DOI, DXM, Methylone and Opiates.

The test kits are very easy to use and require as little as a pinhead sized sample to test the substance.

For more information head over to the EZTest site or EZTest Facebook page

At the moment EZTest have a offer on both the Ketamine and Ecstasy kits. If you bus one of each while spending a minimum of 10e or more they are offering 20% off with the discount code EP2017.


The test kits are purely for the identification of whether the tested drug actually contains what the user had purchased and intended to consume. The test kits do not notify the tester about potentially harmful substances the drug might be cut with.

EZ Test neither condones nor condemns the use of any drug, but recognizes the fact that illicit substances will be used regardless of their illegality. There is no such thing as 100% SAFE drug use!


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