Richard David James, better known under his moniker Aphex Twin, is renowned for his unique beats and some extraordinary myths. Being one of the most influential icons in electronic music comes goes hand-in-hand with hearing the most outrageous stories about yourself from strangers (well this could most definitely be a con too).

Today we take a look at 7 stories about Richard D. James / The Tuss / DJ AFX /Blue Calx / AFX / Bradley Strider / Caustic Window /Dice Man / GAK / Power-Pill / Soit-P.P / Q-Chastic /Aphex Twin himself.

He’s Irish

Although growing up in Cornwall, a small peninsula in the southwestern tip of England, Aphex Twin is originally from Limerick. Speaking about origins, he adopted his name from Aphex Systems Limited, an audio company, while “Twin” is in memory of his twin who died at birth.

He went 5 weeks without sleeping

‘Your mind starts getting scatty, like you’re going senile’ said Aphex. Apparently he deprived himself of sleep for 5 weeks, but it helps him to make music. ‘You start doing unpredictable things, like making tea but pouring it into a cereal bowl.’

I suppose each to their own..

He ‘remixed’ The Lemonheads

‘I completely forgot I had to do it’. Aphex was asked to remix The Lemonheads but had completely forgotten to do it. As the courier waited at the front door for the final mix, he ‘bashed out a track in 10 minutes and taped it off’. Just another reason why we love him.

He has a tank

Well maybe not an actual full blown army tank but he does have a Daimler Ferret Mark 3 Armoured Scout Car. It does have a mounted machine gun and according to Richard “It’s like a womb with a gun.”

So basically he has a tank.

He DJ’d with sandpaper

Aphex Twin was invited to DJ in Disobey in London back in 1994. He’d often go to the nights as a punter until they asked him to play. He accepted their invitation even though he ‘couldn’t really play any records.’ So instead of playing records the obvious choice was to play some sandpaper instead.. of course people loved it anyway.

He’s a bit of a messer

At Forbidden Fruit in 2011, Aphex Twin’s tour-bus was parked in the backstage for the day but the organisers and promoters hadn’t seen him, so they called him on his mobile. Aphex told them that he’d gone down to Cork for the day to see the town, and the organisers were obviously shocked and petrified that he wouldn’t make it back in time for his headline slot.

In a panic, the organisers chartered a helicopter to go to Cork and find him and bring him back up to hopefully make the show. An hour after the helicopter left, Richard D. James stepped out of the tour-bus that he’d been hiding in all along, much to the disgust and shock of the festival organisers.

Aphex likes a practical joke.
He was a child prodigy

Aphex won £50 in a competition when he was just 11 years old. He wrote a program to create sound on a computer that you couldn’t produce sound on. “You couldn’t make sound on a ZX81, but I played around with machine code and found some codes that returned the TV signal so that it made this really weird noise when you turned the volume up”

What could you do when you were 11 besides make a mess out of your breakfast?

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