We’ve crossed the treacherous line from January to February and it finally looks like things are looking up. Even though the first month of the year is generally a quiet one on all fronts, for plenty of the world’s top DJs it was a particularly busy one. This resulted in quite a few shakeups up and down the top 25 including a healthy number of new comers.

The criteria that’ll be taken into account every time we sit down to draw up the rankings are;

  • The number and scale of shows played every three weeks.
  • Any releases that artist drops between the time the rankings are updated.
  • Any mixes belonging to that artist that’re dropped within the allotted time.
  • Any other reasons that would help/hinder an artist’s reputation.
Honorable Mentions

Joy Orbison

The English producer is quickly rising to the top once again with a long line of show announcements in the past few weeks. With impending shows in Belfast and Dublin in March as well as a couple in Europe over January the sporadic producer is well and truly coming back to prominence.


With their highly anticipated second album on the way, FJAAK are definitely one of the acts scraping right at the edge of the top 25. That coupled with the success of their Robert Hood remix and their single ‘The Tube’ on Involve’s 5 year compilation will see them in the upper echelons in no time.

25. RØDHÅD (Previous Position: 15)

The German falls back a couple of positions after a rather quiet few weeks. With that being said, his involvement in the entirely intriguing Stoor project in Rotterdam maintains his standing in the top 25.

24. Hammer (New Entry)

The Belfast native has really been catching people’s attention of late. Playing a starring role in Bicep’s current tour of Ireland definitely helps, however his announcement for Parklife as well as the huge reaction to his debut release on his new imprint, The Hammer Hits, means that his career is really beginning to take off in its own right.

23. Seth Troxler (Previous Position: Honorable Mention)

The Detroit native jumps into the top 25 after a particularly busy January period which seen him play shows in the Button Factory and Electric Garden & Theatre in Galway. Not only that, but he recently released a new mixtape with longstanding fabric resident Craig Richards on Circoloco records, coupled with a rumoured appearance on a certain longstanding radio show in the coming weeks. Keep your ears peeled.

22. Jackmaster (Previous Position: 12)

The Glaswegian slips slightly down the rankings due to his omissions from a number of big festival lineups. With that being said, his Mastermix tour is still going from strength to strength with some of the biggest DJs from all different parts of the world featuring in a range of different locations, so we can’t really sleep on one of the most consistent performing DJs in the world now can we?

21. Hunee (Previous Position: 14)

The disco maestro slips a couple of positions as his impressive and dominant displays alongside Antal dwindle in regularity. An all night long set in Bali along with another unique set in a carpark in Singapore still makes the selector a solid addition to the list.

20. Four Tet (New Entry)

The celebrated producer makes his debut in the power rankings after a number of impressive festival announcements. Forbidden Fruit, Dekmantel and Parklife will all play host to the electronic genius. With live shows running straight through February and March he’s already looking like a truly dominant force 1 month deep into 2018.

19. Josey Rebelle (New Entry)

One of the most dominant yet overlooked forces when it comes to DJs emanating from London, Josey Rebelle is finally getting the respect she deserves after building up a rather hefty CV including Boiler Rooms and RA podcasts over the years, not to mention the institution that is her Rinse FM show. Recent appearances both in clubs and on Rinse alongside Mumdance and DJ Stingray have definitely exposed her to a wider audience, along with being announced for Primavera sound this summer.
She has just been announced for a special year long residency in London’s Picklefactory, which adds another classic aspect to her multi-pronged approach.

18. Objekt (Previous Position: 18)

The German-based DJ stays firmly at 18 after being one of the mainstays on most electronic festival lineups of note. Being announced for Dekmantel and Houghton was no surprise at all. Given that it would be easy to look over that fact, it must be noted that the dynamic producer is the cream of the crop when it comes to diverse production and DJing and must be on the list given that fact as his name is further cemented in the minds of all fans of electronic music.

17. Midland (New Entry)

His ambient mixtape was so unique that it might well have propelled him on here in its own right, however like Objekt, his inclusion on some of the more tasteful lineups really shows the electronic globe’s appreciation for the producer’s uniqueness and puts him a step above the rest when it comes to his diversity.

16. Sunil Sharpe (New Entry)

The Dubliner is the first Irish entry in this months Power Rankings and definitely a fitting one. His appearance on Ninja Tune’s Solid Steel Radio podcast was definitely a highlight as well as massive sets at DSNT’s 6th birthday and back to back with Mumdance in Corsica Studios last week. His work with the Give Us The Night group also bumps him further up the standings.

15. Shanti Celeste (New Entry)

Like Midland, Shanti Celeste is one of the most diverse selectors and producers in dance music at the moment. She too was announced for both Dekmantel and Houghton festivals, but the addition of her monthly residency ‘Peach Party’ which begins at the end of the year makes her star burn that bit brighter than some of the others that fit into a similar category.

14. DJ Stingray (Previous Position: 24)

Stingray’s ominous declaration that there would be a war in 2018 for electro fans is seeming to be true after being announced for the Movement Detroit festival and promising that there is a project on the way that’s staying away from the stereotypes of the genre.
The mysterious DJ is one of the most unique talents in the world right now with his ability to blend the old and the new in one of the most contradictory popular and contentious genres at the moment.

13. Detroit Swindle (New Entry)

The Dutch duos new album is on the way and if it’s anything like the last it will only serve to heighten their commanding standing when it comes to the world of more disco infused house. Despite having to cancel a Galway show last minute, their more intimate upcoming gig for Pyg’s 9th birthday promises to be a special one, while their Heist label continues to be one of the trailblazers in a genre that’s certainly suffering from bouts of monotony.

12. Honey Dijon (New Entry)

The American DJ was a tough individual to leave off the list in January but she made no mistake about earning her spot this time around. Her massive Boiler Room set showed the world what she can do and that like many others on the list is no longer a new comer, but really one of the most impressive talents in house music now.
More performances like this will see her and others begin to usher out the old guard and see new faces when it comes to house and techno.

11. Daniel Avery (New Entry)

The English producer has had a massive start to the year, kicking off with his brand new ‘Slow Fade’ EP. Following on from that he was announced to curate a day at Lyon’s Nuit Sonores festival and also announced for a massive all night long set at District 8 in March. He just dropped a new NTS Radio show and announced a unique all night long set in London’s York Hall in March.
The announcement of his second album to be released on Erol Alkan’s Phantasy label was equally huge and he plays tomorrow in Belfast for the FEEL MY BICEP showcase there.


10. Helena Hauff (Previous Position: 10)

The German is one of the authorities now when it comes to electro and techno. Her and DJ Stingray have both put the genre on their back and brought it to the next level. Her show in District 8 along with DeFeKT left nothing on the table and her addition to a number of festival lineups was the cherry on top.

9. Paula Temple (New Entry)

Getting up to 200bpm at DSNT’s 6th birthday made headlines for the R&S artist, but really her entire set was much more than just a sprint to the finish line. Dropping massive track after massive track, including of course her iconic ‘Gegen’ showed exactly what she’s about. Her mix from Katharsis was one of the mixes of the year and her most recent performance acted as a reinforcement to that sentiment.

8. Or:la (Previous Position: 10)

It’s a surprise at this stage not to see the Derry woman on the biggest festival lineups as they’re all being announced. She’s no longer a newcomer in the scene and has definitely made massive steps towards permanently etching herself into the upper echelons of the current electronic music crop. A forthcoming DJ Seinfeld release on her Deep Sea Frequency label, shows with himself, Peggy Gou and Artwork as well as being announced for Dekmantel and Sulta’s Open Air Festival make her one of the most in demand names around at the moment. She’s got another Boiler Room on the way this month and its release could well see her crack the top five.

7. Mall Grab (Previous Position: 6)

Mall Grab had another quiet month for his usually hectic standards but the Newcastle, Australia man has still managed to maintain his astounding relevancy by releasing a massive EP by fellow aussie Loods on his Steel City Dance Discs label. His appearance this week on Barely Legal’s Rinse FM show also gives a glimpse of his resurgence in Europe as well as a special charity show in Corsica Studios last week.
His ‘Non stop feeling’ tour kicks off in earnest now and a massive show in Limerick with KETTAMA and Hammer will do nothing but amplify his cult hero status here in Ireland.

6. I Hate Models (Previous Position: 23)

The mysterious Frenchman has gotten off to a blistering start this year. His set at DSNT’s 6th birthday was a sight to behold and showed that he can really bang with the big guns with Paula Temple, Stranger and Sunil Sharpe all on the lineup too. Despite being quiet on the release front, the versatile producer is really coming into his own behind the decks and becoming one of the most formidable forces in the genre at the moment.

5. Dax J (Previous Position: 11)

Speaking of formidable forces within techno, Dax J is definitely the brightest star in the genre at the moment. His album made its way to our office and all we can say is that we’re blown away. The 6th of April will be a landmark day in the techno calendar as one of the most consistent producers and DJs in all of electronic music will be releasing his biggest and most diverse collection of music to date spanning across a multitude of genres and touching on some contentious social topics.

4. Peggy Gou (Previous Position: 7)

The Korean enjoyed a tiny lull in her busy schedule at the start of the year but is now back in the swing of things with stops planned mid February in Carbon in Galway and with Soichi Terada, Job Jobse in District 8. That coupled with the announcement of her new EP on Ninja Tune as well as the single ‘Itgehane’ which she sings on herself makes her house royalty at the moment.

3. BICEP (Previous Position: 2)

The Belfast boys are in the middle of their Irish tour which will reach its peak tomorrow with a show on their home turf that’ll feature a host of big names including Daniel Avery who joins them in the Power Rankings. Their Galway and District 8 shows generating massive hype here at home and the world, particularly here in Ireland, is truly their oyster at the minute.

2. Eric Prydz (New Entry)

The Swede is back on the scene with a bang only he could make. His Holo show grabbed headlines just about everywhere this week when it was announced and almost seemed like a power move from his camp to the rest of the electronic world to showcase how big his reach is at the moment.

1. Denis Sulta (Previous Position: 1)

We really tried to see if anyone else would fit the bill but no one is pushing the party prince of Glasgow off the top spot. He announced the lineup for his brand new festival in spectacular fashion; playing the starring role in a particularly entertaining video, and with a particularly strong lineup too. Anything Sulta touches turns to gold and right now it looks like he’s going to be holding onto the top spot for quite a while.


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