Slav are regarded as one of the biggest influences in underground dance music culture. They select records to add to their Youtube channel that could turn your average Joe Soap into a touring DJ. They have a massive influence on the new ‘Lo-Fi House’rebirth and are responsible for some of the years biggest tracks getting recognition.

Here are the 5 biggest names where Slav Music have contributed to their growth.


hy’ was one of the biggest tracks of 2016. The subtle yet uplifting melody accompanied by the lyrics from Kristine Boland, who featured on the track ‘Love Shy (Tuff Jam Classic Vocal Remix)’

Subjoi has gone on to massive heights since the success of Love Shy, releasing other flourishing tracks like ‘Have It All’, ‘All The Time’ and ‘I Know’.

2017 should be a very busy year for the DJ/Producer who is currently located in Australia. Fingers crossed he’ll be in Europe soon.


‘オメガ’ is Baltras biggest track that Slav have shared on their channel.

The NYC born and raised DJ/producer made his Irish debut on February 16 down in Galway for the guys at WUA in Electric Garden. We’ve heard nothing but great stuff from Baltra and releases like ‘Fade Away’ and ‘Tears Drop’ are proving to be highly beneficial for him.

Baltra makes his Dublin debut in Hangar on February 18 (This Saturday) for us here at Four/Four Magazine. Check out the event here


The French DJ/producer has been around for quite some time now but has been hitting the European circuit after releasing ‘Love Frequencies’ which Slav uploaded to their collection of records on Youtube.

Pushing the Sunnier, Soulful and more brighter sides of the Lo-Fi sound, Folamour has produced some beautiful tracks like ‘Each Day is a First Day’ that was released by none other than Dublins very own ‘All City Records’.

Folamour made his Irish debut with the guys at Codework back in January in The Sound House to a full house.

DJ Boring

You know you’re onto something good when your track hits over one million views on Youtube. That’s exactly what happened to DJ Boring with his track ‘Winona’

A million views is a massive number of people reaching your music, and in our opinion, a life changing moment that must have brought the faces behind Slav a massive amount of pride in their work for finding such a gem of a track.

‘Winona’ (named after Winona Ryder)  is not the only celebrity orientated track that DJ Boring has made. Shortly after the passing of George Michael, Boring released ‘Goodbye Michael’ in tribute to the iconic singer.

Nothing has been announced for DJ Boring coming to Ireland, but hopefully something pops up.

DJ Seinfeld

One of the biggest names to come out of last year with prominent releases and a very hectic gigging schedule.

The Swedish-born producer has been on fire after the massive success of his Bob Geldof sampled track ‘U’. Since then Seinfeld has played in clubs all around Europe including three appearances in Ireland, all being sell outs.

After ‘U’ being released, he went on to share tracks like ‘Feel da bum slap’, ‘Too Late For U And M1’, ‘Forget U’ and many more that have been slowly shaping the newly rejuvenated ‘Lo-Fi House’ scene.

Seinfeld is the perfect explanation as to how Slav music can change the life of just a normal guy and turning him into a frequent figure in the genre of music that he has specialized in. We here at Four/Four Magazine can assure you that he’ll be back very soon.

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