Drum n’ Bass producer Mista Bishi has lashed out online in a flurry of racial slurs across a multitude of social media platforms.

The Londoner sparked outrage after the mayor of London Sadiq Khan celebrated the cancelled visit of American president Donald Trump. He claimed in a now deleted Facebook post that the mayor was not English due to the fact that his parents weren’t born there and that ‘Real Londoners are English’.

He went on to stress how his family can ‘be traced back over a thousand years’ in what was a particularly inflammatory rant which included a multitude of racial slurs. You can read it in full below.

He went on to publish a similar rant on Twitter and began replying to anyone who took issue, brandishing one user a ‘Chimp’ due to his ethnicity. He further began replying to people who commented on his Facebook post in similar fashion. All the Facebook posts have since been deleted, but he has still left his Twitter untouched.

This isn’t the first time that the producer has gone to such lengths to stress his despise for individuals from other cultures. Last summer he took to a public forum to highlight his distaste for black culture, which is particularly ironic given the culture of Drum n’ Bass itself.

In recent years, we have seen a number of electronic artists use their platforms for similar-styled rants in which they outlined their hatred for people of different ethnicities and sexualities. Ten Walls, Boddika, Konstantin and many more have all sabotaged their respective careers by expressing their extreme views across social media to widespread outrage amongst fans.

Mista Bishi rose to fame via the track ‘Printer Jam’ and has 6 albums to his name on multiple labels, including the famed Drum n’ Bass imprint Hospital Records.

More news to come.

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