Young and up-and-coming producer Mt. Fiji goes under many pseudonyms and explores various genres.

The sound he’s captured is really indicative of the emergence of a bustling amount of lofi house producers at the moment, showcasing the new directions and popularity of modern soulful but serene electronic music.

The lofi track is bursting at the seams with soulful rhythms and percussive beats, still maintaining a groove that makes your limbs involuntarily move, and we feel lucky to premiere it for everyone to hear. The track will be part of an upcoming EP which after hearing this, you’ll be eagerly awaiting it’s announcement.

“To be honest, to start producing that style of music has come from getting to see more of the house based acts and electronic acts at festivals this year. I’ve already produced tracks within other genres of music and I thought i’d give producing more electronic music a shot and see where it goes!”

Listen to the new track here via our SoundCloud below:


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