We’re still reeling after Dave Clarke’s impromptu Electro set in Pygmalion, so we decided to celebrate the underrated and pioneering genre with a deep dive into the FourFour crates. Here are our top 10 Electro tracks.

10. Busy P – Procrastinator.

This wouldn’t be a legitimate Electro list without an inclusion from renowned French label Ed Banger and their top dog Busy P, AKA Pedro Winter, former manager of non other than Daft Punk. This sample-heavy, hip hop immersed track is taken from his and the late DJ Mehdi’s 20 track mixed compilation entitled ‘Let the Children Techno’ which also features unlikely electro-infused numbers from Skream, Zombie Nation and Duke Dumont.

9. Hashim – Al-Naafyish.

Starting off the first of many classics on an upbeat note, we spin over to Hashim for a disco-tinged, electronic-powered track.

8. Drexciya – Andreaen Sand Dunes.

Following up Hashim’s vintage offering, we have another in the form of Drexciya’s Andreaen Sand Dunes that carries with it a little more productional prowess. While still being a tame track with a strict minimal feel, the electro element stands out above all.

7. Justice – Phantom.

Another one off of Ed Banger, but Justice stand tall above the rest of their French counterparts in terms of both their exposure and production abilities. While their new album ‘Woman’ is more so an ode to disco, their debut ‘†’ is still probably their most respected work, and by far their most pulsating, with ‘Phantom’ being the pervading electro hit.

6. Anthony Rother – When the Sun goes down.

It took us until number 6 to mention Dave Clarke, and we still haven’t used any of his tracks. His dive into the electro world has unearthed plenty of great tracks, with this being one of them off of Clarke’s compilation ‘World Service 2’. That’s in no way taking away from the respected producer that is Anthony Rother, another pioneering producer on the list. Hard-hitting from the get-go.

5. Shiver – Doctor break.

Taken way back from 1996 but carries with it an almost older sound. Robot samples coupled with unpredictable break beats and numerous mechanical samples come together for one of the quintessential electro tracks.

4. Electronome – Bass Comander.

Having played its hand in influencing and shaping plenty of electronically-rooted genres, hip-hop owes plenty to electro for its influence in one of its founding tracks ‘Planet Rock’. While that’s probably too hip hop focused for this list, ‘Bass Commander’ follows a similar vein, all while sticking fairly rigidly to its title.

3. Anthony Rother – So Good.

A powerhouse from the beginning, Anthony Rother reinforces suspicions of being half-man half-machine for this cyborg-like belter.

2. Lowfish – 8 OP.

Electro at its finest.

1. Radioactive Man – Uranium.

Staying true to his name and reputation as one of the juggernauts of the genre, Radioactive Man employs all the traits of a classic electro track on this beast –  unique samples, breakbeats and overpowering powerplant-esque sounds.


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