Giorgio Moroder announced recently that for the first time ever, at 78 years old, he would bring us a live show and a run of tour dates across the UK and Europe. 

Now though, it’s been announced that the show will be coming to Dublin’s 3 Arena on April 8th 2019.

Speaking to The Guardian, Moroder stated “”I’m excited to be finally doing this. It is something I have always wanted to do. Fans kept reaching out to me, asking if I would ever do a real tour. Back in the day, it was unthinkable for producers to ever leave their studios, that territory was reserved for the singers. Today, DJs and music producers have become the superstars of popular dance music, so the time feels right.”


Moroder started DJing and producing in the 60s, later making it big with hits like ‘Son of My Father’. The Italian producer made a legendary contribution to pop music with Donna Summer’s iconic and some of the worlds most loved songs ‘I Feel Love’, ‘Hot Stuff’ and more. One of the most renowned producers would later turn to dance music, working with acts like Daft Punk ad countless others.


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