In recent years organisations like Ana Liffey Drug Project have collaborated with welfare workers at Ireland’s largest festival Electric Picnic, and progress towards decriminalising drugs [which you can learn about here] is hopefully slowly being made, showcasing the progressive minds in our country at the moment trying to push forward the safest health based responses to drug use in all cases to save as many lives as possible, plain and simple.


With that progress still to be made however, it’s of utmost and importance and as we feel, a responsibility, to educate anyone likely to find themselves in a scenario with drugs so that safety will always be a priority.


Below you will find information posters laying out the risks with certain types of drugs and how to stay as safe as possible if you, a friend, or even someone you don’t know, finds themselves in trouble. You can also take a look at our comprehensive ‘Guide To Staying Safe When Using Club/Festival Drugs’ here.


As to be expected at any type of festival or club night, drugs will be probably be circulating. If you, a friend or anyone else you see are having a bad experience or feeling unwell, don’t hesitate to present yourself to welfare. They’re there to help and no, they won’t judge you or tell your parents. Be honest with them so they can prevent something similar happening to other attendees. Educate yourself on staying safe here.


With the winter months coming in, its important to educate yourself on physical side effects of drugs. It is so important to make sure that you will be warm enough at winter festivals and temperatures this bank holiday weekend ahead of BD Festival, Metropolis and countless club shows is set to go below freezing. Always check the weather and make sure that you can keep warm and dry while attending these events if you are planning on taking recreational drugs and know how these drugs affect the body.


Having water on hand is a must too. If there’s a queue, just wait and get some to hang on to, it won’t take you long. Dehydration is a really common and dangerous side effect of most drugs so it’s important to keep yourself hydrated. Fluctuation of female hormones and how this may effect a user regarding hydration levels and more is also a factor to consider, which you can learn about here via VICE.


Below you will find posters containing key points on harm reduction specific to the most common drugs used in club and festival settings. Screenshot them to have them on hand. Home testing kits will not determine if there is any other harmful substances in a pill or a powder, it will only determine what drug [MDMA testing kits for example would turn purple indicating the presence of MDMA] is present. Always use a scales and dose accordingly, starting with a low dose.


High purity drugs have become very problematic, with many under the impression that this is something desirable. High purity drugs are very common these days, so it’s important to start with less to reduce the risk of dangerous or fatal side effects. Taking high purity substances in high doses carries significantly dangerous effects and need to be taken sparingly. Look out for your friends and be vigilant, if you notice anything wrong try to deal with the potential situation quickly and calmly by presenting yourself to an official, welfare tent, garda or otherwise. Most of these people are highly educated on the matter, so your honesty with them will invaluable.



MDMA – find out more here.



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