A young man called Gerald or as some like to call him, ‘A Guy Called Gerald‘, from Glasgow has been travelling to Ibiza for his holidays for 16 years now and he needs your help. He has Cerebral Palsy, uses a manual wheelchair and communicates via a communication aid, but that doesn’t stop him from being the heart and soul of the party! He needs someone to accompany him to the white isle and provide care for all his needs, not to mention going to clubs till 5am with him. All this costs money though, and you can donate as much as you can to Gerald’s cause.

Last year Carl Cox and Sonica radio made his dreams come true by giving Gerald a meet and greet along with his own VIP area beside the DJ booth in Space Ibiza, not to mention a full tour of the Sonica studio!

Let’s try our very best to get him back this summer! Take a look at the job description and more below.

Job Description: Accompanying Gerald to Ibiza and providing care for all his needs. Helping him to go out to cafes, bars, clubs & going to different places. As well as just hanging out at places like Es Vive in the afternoon. Buying groceries and cooking/preparing meals as the accommodation will be self catering. Various nights (probably 4 nights in the 2 weeks) Gerald will want to go to clubs and will more than likely want to stay until around 4-5am. He likes to go to Ibiza town & Playa den Bossa some nights and will need to be pushed in his wheelchair there (or back, one way will be in taxi if needed). Its a journey of about 30 minutes from his hotel (be warned the paths are not always that good in Ibiza). There is no hoist in the hotel, so he will need to manually helped in and out of bed & on the toilet. Gerald would like people to go who love the island like he does.

Duration: 2 Weeks (Ideally from around the 7th July)

Hours per day: 11 hours a day between the 2 carers and then for nights in clubs he will require both carers too. (along the lines of; 2 carers 1-2pm, 1 carer 2-6pm, then 1 carer 8pm-1am. If going clubbing 2 carers 11pm-4-5am). Also the carers will need to go to Glasgow to collect him and return him to his home after the holiday.

Gerald will have to provide/pay for: All flights, Accommodation in a self catering hotel, Food, Drinks while working (including in Clubs, within reason!), taxi’s when needed. For 3 people.

There will be a planned rotor for shifts to be worked, with a few periods when both carers are needed at the same time.

Gerald will want to meet the carers before he books everything, so will pay for travel up to Glasgow for the carers to visit him in his home.

Then there are the costs when we get there.

All this costs money.

Despite¬†his disability, Gerald also attends many fitness classes at Glasgow Life Tollcross. Check out the video below and don’t forget to go to his gofundme page and donate. We wish you luck Gerald!


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