Let’s be honest here, we all loved a good donk and squeaky vocal back in the mid 00s. At the time Bebo was the biggest social media platform in the world and young ‘producer’ would use the flashbox function to put out their ‘tracks’. In theory, they weren’t even their tracks.

Get yourself an old vocal, speed it to the point where the cheese is almost melting off it, glitter filled Adidas signs, ‘souped’ up cars and you’ve got yourself a Bebo hit, oh and don’t forget the massive donk. You were most likely to hear one of these tracks at the back of a Dublin bus off a Nokia 3220 or a Sony Ericsson k800i.

After we started a thread in our forum group, we thought we’d take it a step future. Check out some of our favourite Bebo flashboxes below along with some of the sample these ‘producers’ used.

DJ Cammy – Dancing In The Dark


Jessy – Dancing In The Dark

DJ Cammy – Listen To Your Heart


Roxette – Listen To Your Heart

DJ Pulse – I’m Your Lady


Celine Dion – I’m Your Lady 

DJ Sammy – Castles In The Sky


Ian van Dahl – Castles In The Sky

DJ Pulse – Holding Me Kissing Me Baby


Guru Josh – Infinity 

DJ Crawford – Henrik Larsson


FanClub – Henrik Larsson

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